God Showing Up

As I have told you before…the faith and love of others has both amazed and overwhelmed Carrie and Travis. Travis, specifically, has never felt so much love. Dare I say…has never “felt” so much as these last few weeks.

There is daily evidence of the love for Carrie and Travis. Right when they think they can not take another step in this journey. God shows up.

A story in which a friend runs into another friend and says, “I need you to pray for my friends.” Her friend responds, “Of course, that works perfect because I need you to pray as well for a couple. Their names are Carrie and Travis.”

Comments left on the blog stating they were praying for Travis even though the person does not know him.

And then there was the call.

Carrie’s friend Diane called her and asked her if they would be at the prayer service on Sunday.


Carrie responded, “I am not sure what you are referring to.”

“Oh. Didn’t you know? A prayer service has been organized at First Baptist of Cumming at 3:00 on Sunday to pray for Travis’ healing. Over 70 people are invited.”

Wow. God’s showing up.

We do believe God can and will heal Travis. Not just because we want Him to. Not just because we asked Him to. Not just because Travis is a “good person”. Not just because Travis is a believer.

Good people die every day.

Christians die every day.

Mothers and fathers of young children…die. Every. Day.

To be honest. I don’t know why God sometimes chooses to heal and sometimes chooses not to. I know why bad things happen to good people. We live in a fallen world where there is sin, disease and death. But I don’t know why God doesn’t always choose to intervene.

And…when I am honest…when my thoughts are quiet and it is just Him and I…I sometimes get mad about it. Especially when things didn’t go the way I thought they should go. When the people I deemed worthy are hurt and the people I deemed unworthy are spared.

My thinking is wrong. I know it is. But it is true. And I also know I won’t have the answer to these questions this side of heaven. That’s ok. God doesn’t owe me an explanation.

I don’t know what they are. But only for His holy reasons and for His holy purpose…God has told us Travis’ sickness is not unto death. So I believe he will be healed.

At 3:00 today there will be a prayer service for Travis. Travis and Carrie will be there for it and will leave straight for the airport to head to MD Anderson after. It is short notice and, for most of you, it is a long drive. So, if you cannot make it, we are asking you to simply pray for Travis. From wherever you are. Regardless of whatever you are doing. Pray for him at 3:00. Pray for his healing. Pray for God to intervene.

So that you don’t forget, set an alarm. Write yourself a note. Ask Siri to remind you.

And watch how God shows up.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20
Prayer Service – 3:00 PM

First Baptist of Cumming
1597 Sawnee Drive
Cumming, GA 30040

6 responses to “God Showing Up

  • Anonymous

    It may be that we are on the tennis court in the middle of a match but our team is going to set an alarm and stop and PRAY. We will be praying Travis!!

  • Kimberly

    My spirit shouts in response to your post – NO DOUBT! HALLELUJAH! You have such an amazing gift with words & writing! Thank you for using His gift to you for HIS GLORY! Blessings my Friends, in HIM!

  • Anonymous

    Nancy and Rene
    Praying at 3 for you and your family

  • Judy Edmondson Smith

    Praying in Indian Rocks Beach…

  • Anonymous

    I prayed for you Travis and Carrie and I will be praying again at 3:00 today. So glad I got this on my facebook home page. I am so excited to hear of the divine manifestation of our LORD working in your lives and especially through your healing….a witness to the world of His amazing grace. In His Grip, a sister in Christ from Franklin, NC ~ Cheri

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