Lifting Our Spirits

It is so hard for me to interrupt Kristina’s beautiful writing to stick a quick note in, but I cannot help myself. I was up all night Wednesday night with my mind unable to settle. I read over all of the beautiful comments that you, our family and friends, have left on this blog. You don’t understand… I mean until you are here, there is no way for you to know what your loving support and prayers mean to us. We have walked out of some very upsetting doctor’s visits over the last few weeks. We have felt like we have been punched in the stomach over and over. Then we come home, and we see the number of people who are praying for our family. We feel the prayers for peace and comfort. We feel the love, and our spirits are lifted.

I have spent the last 21 years with this man, Travis Lee Roberts. I mean I really really know him, but I see a new man standing before me now, and I am so proud of him. He thinks that everyone would respond in the manner that he has responded. He thinks that everyone would turn to God if they were faced with a challenge such as Cholangiocarcinoma. I think that is completely crazy!!! I think that many people would be angry and hardened. I am only saying this because I am so proud of his reaction. I love to see the love of God shining through him. I love to see the compassion that God has put inside of him. I am a proud wife. I love him so much! I am so grateful to all of you for loving him too!

So, I am writing this because I HAD to tell you all what your messages mean to me. I had to thank you for standing by our sides, for wearing your cancer kicks, and for lifting our family up in your prayers. I had to thank you for filling the gap for us on days that are so tough. I had to thank you for lifting our spirits!

I love you, and I thank you!

17 responses to “Lifting Our Spirits

  • Steve Townley

    Travis & Carrie, I heard about your journey from my daughter in Roswell who got it thru her women’s group at north pointe church. I am praying for you daily. The daily blog is both an inspiration and a growth challenge to me. My prayer is certainly for God to heal but also to give you physical, emotional and spiritual strength to go thru each day. One day at Time is sometimes so hard to do. God bless you for opening up to others. Being transparent at such a time is not a human response but is you allowing God to use you to glorify Him. Love you, Brother in Christ

  • Judy Eubanks

    Praying for you and walking in faith that Lee will be healed. You are both so precious to me. I love seeing the man and woman of God that you have become!

  • Rachel Lawson Tourdot

    Carrie love you girl being an ordained minister I have done a fair share of counseling and you see tragedy a lot…. It’s hard to explain but God shows leaders how to hear, comfort, love and many times give a word of The Lord to those who are facing extreme hardships and then to leave it in His hands…. If leaders carried everything they heard, counseled or comforted they would become overwhelmed and useless…. I say all that to say… I could name ten “tragic” and seemingly hopeless situations that I am very close too but when I heard about you and Travis it stuck with me I couldn’t lay it down…. My husband who has walked with me thru soo much asked me what is different about Carrie and Travis? God said carry part of this one!! God had not asked me that in quite some time and never this way! The Holy Spirit brings a weight to my spirit no less than 50 times a day…. And travail and life are uttered for you both… I say all this to say God not only is giving you peace, love and comfort thru people and prayers but I know for a fact he has called people to directly step up and carry part of this burden with you! Why Carrie & Travis? Why not the young man I mentored with inoperable brain cancer? I don’t know I don’t have to I just have to pray, travail and speak life!

  • Carolyn Thornton

    Hi Carrie, Thank you so much for writing this. The blog has been so beautiful and with such faith and hope. I am thinking about you, Travis, your Dad and Grandmother (my Aunt Shirley) and all of your family and praying non stop since I saw your Aunt Ann’s post on Facebook. I am glad that you can feel the uplifting, and I thank you for uplifting me. I am your Dad’s cousin — our fathers were brothers. So, I so appreciate the blog (whoever Kristina is — she is touching me deeply). With Much Love and continued prayers, Cousin Carolyn

  • Meghan Rooney

    So I don’t have my cancer kicks yet, but that’s only bc I can’t find the exact ones I’m trying to find. And I know if anyone would appreciate not settling for anything less than what you wanted, Travis would. In fact he would be the first to let me know the exact thing bothering me about the substitute ones I bought were lacking bc of that one tiny detail. I will search on.

  • Anonymous

    Carrie and Travis, I am a friend of Amanda’s and have been praying for your family daily. God will deliver you from this. I know some of what you are going through and faith is what brought us through it. It is amazing to see God at work. Shelley

  • Vicki Gansser


    Please know that Travis and You and your family are so in our hearts. We so admire your faith, courage and strength through this tumultuous time. Bless you all.

    Vicki and Walt

  • Doreen Pettit

    hugs and love from Kurt and I

  • David Simmons

    Carrie. Please know that I and many of my friends are on their knees daily in prayer for your family. I am hosting an event Sat nite for 50 people and we all will be praying for God’s healing for Travis and you and your beautiful family. In His Name and with His ultimate Power David Simmons

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Brett and Tammy Starr

    We are continuing to pray in faith and we have our church family here in Gahanna praying as well. Love to you and your family!
    Brett and Tammy

  • Liz Kudlak

    Travis and Carrie
    I have been on my knees praying for you daily!
    God is in the business of making miracles happen and I can not wait to celebrate the miracle of your complete healing !
    God Bless

  • Cherdakay

    Carrie and Trav,
    Chandler ,Alec and I are NOT amazed at either of your responses. Yes ,we are proud that it isn’t anything more then what we know the Travis and Carrie to be. Some how I get the feeling you (Carrie)also think that your response is what anyone would do if faced with hardship in their family. I know that isn’t true!!! Just last March a friend of mine from High school was left by his wife of 19 years when diagnosed with cancer…. Stating thus is to hard!You say well thats just mean .. Truth ,the life of Carrie is hid in Christ and desires to serve her Father in Heaven no matter how hard it is. Serving the one that God has given you to love in ways you never thought of yet.Selflessly!!! Watching you pour over statistics, sit in Dr. Offices day after day, waiting for news,Praying endlessly, humbly stating your needs so that the body could meet them…and then watching them respond,
    Knowing that you are totally grieving as you seek to bring Joy in the mist of sorrows to those around you, knowing the reality of what tomorrow and treatment brings yet flashing that endless amazing smile that lights up all outdoors, understanding what it means to carry this treasure in a jar of clay…. Now that !!! is nothing more then miraculous !!!!! Proud ?? Beyond anything you could fathom because it gives me hope to see my Jesus working out His faith, love,joy, peace,Patience, kindness,goodness. And self-control in willing lives in and surrounding the Roberts family.
    This it what it looks like, this is the real thing
    A life hid in CHRIST! We have been healed.
    Thanks for breaking the belief barrier for Us.
    We love you sooooo much !!!

  • Ann Gillespie

    Carrie & Travis,
    None of us can possibly imagine how difficult things are for you & your family but one thing is so obvious to all of us following your journey. Your Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ! We will continue to pray for Travis’s recovery. I will be adding him to our Sunday School Prayer list this morning. May Our Lord continue to bless & heal you. Continue to feel his Love & Grace.

  • Donna

    Continuing at all times to pray for you! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with all of us. Power of Prayer!!!!!! Power of Prayer!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Carrie & Travis,
    Even though I don’t know you, I’ve learn of your journey through Donna Smith. Please always remember that God is still in the business of performing miracles…. And through prayers and love; miracles still do happen. God bless you and your family!
    Ox Jackie Sible

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