We are so excited right now!!! Remember that CA19-9 number??? It’s the tumor marker that tells us if the cancer is responding to the chemo.

We just met with Dr Hamrick! He gave us great news!

Test Results

Starting Number 161,000

Last Test 135,000

Today’s Test 57,000

ARE YOU KIDDING?? It’s dropped 78,000. Travis asked if that means the tumors are shrinking and he said ABSOLUTELY!!! We don’t know how much BUT they ARE shrinking:).


Thank you God!!!

Bring on the miracle:)!!!


42 responses to “Celebrate

  • Donna

    Power of Prayer Baby!!! I am so happy!!

  • Jenny Willis McCloud

    Rejoicing with you! Praise the Lord, He is Good!

  • Nancy Ginepri

    Yipee!!!!! Best news of the month. Keep fighting Travis and Carrie!

  • Rachel Tourdot

    Soooo Excited and praying for you!!!

  • Judy Edmondson Smith

    Praise the Lord! God answers prayers and He is faithful to fulfill His promises. So happy for all of you!

  • Bob Bracewell

    Thank you LORD!!!

  • Tina Schlief

    THANK YOU, GOD!!! I have been following Carrie & Travis’ journey from the beginning and praying for them. This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Just wanted to say “AWESOME” and KEEP PRAYING!!!

  • Julie Tibbs

    YAHOOOOOO!!!!! So thankful for these great results! We continue to pray for y’all daily and am so thankful to go before the Lord to thank Him for these great results!!!! Loads of hugs!

  • Tina Johnson

    That is INCREDIBLE!!!! I am blown away…PTL!! Keep on fighting and we will continue to pray and send love & good thoughts your way.

  • John Pettit

    I’m sitting in Lowes Building Materials parking lot with tears flowing. How am I going to compose myself quickly so I can walk among those husky men (and women)? Yah, yah, yah, modern medicine is great. OUR GOD IS AN AWSOME GOD, HE REIGNS!

  • jedmondson1969

    Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Wireless PhoneConcrete Faith wrote:

  • Anita Zimmerman

    Wow! This kind of email is fun to receive! God is so good and is honoring your faith in Him. We will keep up the prayers.

  • Diana Schock

    Woo Hoo! Praise God. That’s awesome!

  • Glenda Smith

    Praise the Lord!! Thank you you Jesus, by Your Stripes Travis is Healed, in the Name of Jesus!! Amen!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!!!! That is such wonderful news….. God is GREAT!!!! Keep it coming!!! Jackie Sible

  • Gino Molinet

    That is Awesome!!!!!!!!! It goes to show that miracles do happen and its always God’s timing and never ours… Great News!!!!! God is good all the time and all the time God is good……… Love you guys!!!!

  • Rachel Schory

    I came upon your blog through a friend on Facebook and have been praying for you everyday since. Today I prayed for a victory–any kind, just some sort of victory to encourage you. I’d say this counts as a BIG victory! Thank you God!

  • charlie Rizzo

    Carrie the miricle is in progress and prayer is the answer. Would like to give you the item we discussed at CFA when I saw you.

  • Kymberly Arana

    Go take those yellow shoes dancing! Joy, joy, joy in the Lord and much praise. We continue in prayer beside you.

  • Joy Hoffmann

    Praise God!!

  • susie chesson

    Our God is to be celebrated!!! In His arms hold this man, his wife and their children. This story is His story… unveiled in perfect love as He draws each of His children so close to His heart. Celebrating with you as we dance in His GLORY!!

  • Judy Eubanks

    Praise Him!

  • Anonymous

    That rocks! Brings goosebumps and tears of excitement!!!
    We haven’t met yet, but are friends in Christ! We know you through TR and the Hutchinson family!
    Praying always and celebrating today!!
    Moehler’s 🙂

  • Anne Alexander

    Celebrating God’s grace and praising Him with you today!!! I haven’t met you yet, but I’ve read every blog and have been praying for your entire family. May you feel your Father’s loving embrace as you continue on this journey. (I call today’s news “a hug from God!”) I pray that ALL of your family will experience peace – His peace that passes all understanding, each and every day. P.S. Carrie, I know your mom through a Precepts class.

  • Laurie Sepulveda


  • Tracie

    Our small group prays for you every week, last week we prayed for a miracle, we are so happy the treatment is working!!!

  • Suzanne

    I just can’t stop praising The Lord for this today!!! 🙌

  • Anonymous

    Since the beginning of the test the bad guys numbers have dropped nearly 65%……from 161,000 to 57,000.

  • ceal coppage

    Well GLORY TO HIS NAME! By His stripes we are healed. His Word is Truth. Everything else is a lie. Go Travis!!!!

  • Dianne Luce


    Your latest post was such GREAT NEWS!!! I’m continuing to pray that God will do a miracle and grant a total healing for Travis.

    Cindy’s best friend in Hawaii,

    Dianne Luce

  • Doreen Pettit

    Celebrate for sure. God wants you well.

  • Dana and Bobbi

    Your mom was in the store recently and told us about Travis so we have been following your journey. We have been thinking about you guys so much…this is the best news and we are so happy for you guys!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Travis…I’m thinking God is not through with you yet! My heart is racing with this news…praise Him!!!

  • Jennie Willis

    Praise God! Continue to stand strong! To God be the glory!

  • Lisa Sager

    This is wonderful news!! A miracle is definitely in the works and my daily prayers for Travis and complete healing, will continue.

  • Debbie South it

    Praise God… praise God…, PRAISE GOD…. Thomas and I have been camping in the Washington rain forest for five days and I just got service!!!!! Bring on the miracles!!!! Praise God !!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Greg Garvin

    This is such fabulous news! Love you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Travis, this is my prayer for you. Father, it is in our weaknesses that Your power is made most visible in our lives. The “thorn in our flesh” is representative of those trials common to all followers of Christ. We call out for deliverance and yet endure the discomfort and affliction as a true soldier of the faith, all the while being “joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.” Because of the blood of Christ we can overcome the opposition and triumph in our faith to the glory of God the Father in whose name we praise. Amen.

    Travis, I am so glad we met. You are indeed an inspiration in my life and I thank God for letting our paths meet. Carrie, thank you, for allowing me to be his friend.

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