Not Your Typical Cancer Patient

Travis Roberts.  Not your typical cancer patient.

That’s my friend.  Funny, witty, brilliant, sarcastic, annoying at times Travis.  He’s not your typical cancer patient.

Travis’ third treatment of chemotherapy was this past Thursday, June 13.  And, since he meets with Dr. Hamrick every other week, he also got to see him.  His rockstar doctor.

What I wouldn’t have given to see the face of this man.  This brilliant medical doctor who, at the age of 42, has already worked his way up to the head of oncology at Kaiser Permanente.  A man who has seen a lot.  A man who has basically seen…it all.

But he’s never seen Travis.  Nor anyone like Travis.

I would have LOVED to see the look on this man’s face as he sat across the desk from Carrie and Travis…in awe.

Can you imagine the conversation…

Travis…I…uhhhh…I got your CA19-9 results back.  Ummmm…yeah.  There down to 57,000.  Yeah.  Uhhhhh…I don’t know.  You went from 161,000 to 57,000 in two treatments.  I can’t explain it. Ummm.  Yeah.  Wow. 

Ok.  So that’s not how the conversation went.  But I bet it is close to what he was thinking.

But doctors still have to maintain professionalism. So instead of looking dumbfounded.  Instead of doing the happy dance.  Instead of losing his composure.  He simply said “You are an anomaly and I cannot explain it.” 

An “anomaly”.  An “outlier”.  Man’s words to describe the unexplainable.

Man’s words to describe God’s miracles.

So Travis took his amazing news.  His incredible news.  His miraculous news.  And went to his third, five hour session of chemotherapy.  And from there…he went to his friend’s rehearsal dinner.  And then Friday he went to a golf outing honoring his friend.  And Friday night he went to a BBQ for the soon to be newlyweds.  And Saturday he went to the wedding…and the reception…and the after party.


I am exhausted just typing this…and I didn’t have chemo!

And Travis???

Well.  Come Sunday.  He crashed.  Hard.  He spent the day in bed. Exhausted.  He has some pain in his scalp and a little swelling in the arm he got his chemo in this week.  But it took all that to bring out the symptoms.  Why?

Because he’s just not your typical cancer patient.

Over the next week or so we will be releasing an interview that Travis’ friend Steve Barnes did last week.  It is a six part series and each video is between 4 and 8 minutes.  This will give out of town friends a chance to see Travis and how well he is doing.  It gave Travis a chance to tell his story…in his own words.

To tell…how he is not your typical cancer patient.

Disclaimer…as you can imagine, being interviewed on the spot (without rehearsal) can be nerve racking.  Travis did a great job but, under the pressure, mixed up a few facts.  In this clip, he states that anything beyond Stage 2 Cholangiocarcinoma is considered incurable.  It’s not quite that “clear cut” since it depends on if it is intrahepatic or extrahepatic.  To read more about the survival rates by staging, visit The American Cancer Society.

Check back in the next day or two for part two….

13 responses to “Not Your Typical Cancer Patient

  • Heather Jacobs Most

    AWWW! It was so nice to see you and hear your voice! Hang in there and know prayers are going up from the other side of the world!!!

  • Donna

    Love you P-nut!! I start my day with a prayer for you, Carrier and the kids and end my day with a prayer! God is working on you I feel it!!

  • Sarah Kirkland

    Praise God for the miracle He is doing in you! So happy for all of you!!!

  • Lisa Sager

    I just watched the first segment, Travis, and got goosebumps hearing you talk. You are a very special man and I feel God is working His miracle with you right now. My prayers will continue for continued healing for you.

  • Kathy Thomas

    Travis: I was honored to meet you and speak with you at Ryan’s wedding. I am Mike McGowan’s sister (Kathy) and a cancer survivor myself. As promised, I have continued to pray for you and have added you to my Sunday School prayer list and my dance company’s prayer list. That will bring in about 100 more prayers!!! Now, I know that in this crazy game, you don’t keep score so I don’t mean to imply that kind of attitude.. But God does hear the prayers of His people and responds. Just knowing you are in God’s hands will hopefully bring you peace..and as I told you, I believe peace is the key.

    As a little side note, I am pretty sure that a guy like you has no interest in dance – especially ballet. But “my” ballerinas dance for God. We’ve been ministering this way for 21 years! So when you have one of those crash days when you can’t get off the couch (and you will) go to YouTube and look up Praise In Motion. Or go to You may not become a fan..but you may hear some music or see some movements that lift your spirits or touch you heat. And if you don’t – or you do, but you hate it….it won’t stop me from praying for you!

    Trusting In God,


    • Travis

      Thank you so much for introducing yourself to me. I loved the encouragement. It helps meeting others that have gone through this. I hope that I can have the same results that you did. I hope God will give me a miracle. Only God can beat this one. You said you have tons of prayer warriors so please get them praying for me. I know that prayer in numbers helps.

  • Barbara

    Hang in there. You are doing an amazing job facing a formidable disease and doing it with grace. I can’t imagine how hard it is. Beyond that you are educating others, which is a gift. It’s hard to see another classmate who IS active and otherwise healthy suddenly facing cancer. It is a wake up call that we are human. Even if you do everything the right way, tomorrow isn’t a given.
    Rimanere forte. (Stay strong) Preghiere dall’Italia. (Prayers from Italy)
    Ciao Bello,

  • Jason Mashburn

    cool shades!

  • Debbie Neel

    Steve called you boring…. In my years of knowing you, mainly via Kris and Jason, I do not think that I would have ever used that adjective. I doubt the doctors have or will either. John & I are praying. Keep the doctors on their toes 🙂 revealing God’s miracles.

    Been ‘lurking’ on the blog until now.
    Praying in Cary, NC,
    Debbie Neel

  • He’s Human After All | Concrete Faith

    […] we have part two of the six part interview series. If you did not get a chance to see Part One, or would like a refresher, I encourage you to watch it first. In tonight’s short, four […]

  • Pete Johnson

    As one of your Father-in Laws best friends (he has many best friends) ,,,but one of many years, I follow your blogs so as to not pester him constantly with update questions on your condition….and over the years since you’ve married I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and I marvel and appreciate all the talents God has given you. Jason and I are true earthly friends as well as brothers in Christ…and now I feel that brotherly bond with you too. I get a daily email called Grace Quotes….a daily inspirational if you will, but not of the secular kind. I read one the other day that made me think of you…and I pray that it doesn’t sound preachy ….and that if one day I am faced with earthly decay of mind, body, or physical needs, that I can take solace in this as well. It’s easy to offer scripture or God;s truth to others, but accepting it for ones self I’m sure is quite different.
    Here’s the quote:.

    “There is nothing which shows our ignorance so much as our impatience under trouble. We forget that every cross is a message from God, and intended to do us good in the end. Trials are intended to make us think – to wean us from the world, to send us to the Bible, to drive us to our knees. Health is a good thing; but sickness is far better, if it leads us to God. Prosperity is a great mercy, but adversity is a greater one, if it brings us to Christ. Anything, anything is better than living in carelessness, and dying in sin.

    J.C. Ryle
    Commentary, Matthew 15.”

    God bless you and Carrie and all your family

  • Anonymous

    Hope your still well, my husband has the same horrible disease x

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