The News Continues

We have more great news!!!!

CA19-9 (tumor marker checked through blood test) results are in…

This time it went from 57,000 to…


In three chemo treatments the tumor marker has gone from 161,000 to 19,500!!!

Thank you God!!!

The CT scan is scheduled for July 16th.  Please pray that those lymph nodes are clean and clear.  That would be an amazing miracle, and that is what we are praying for.

We are going to travel to MD Anderson for an appointment in early August.  We absolutely love our doctors here in Atlanta, but we want the doctors at the number one cancer hospital in the US to remember Trav.  Just in case anything new comes along:).

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and praises as we celebrate the good test results.

19 responses to “The News Continues

  • Dorian

    YEAH!!!!!! That a boy Travis!!!!! Keep fighting this chump cancer no matter what!!!! Praying for you guys!

  • John Pettit

    If those doctors have forgotten Travis, THEY need some kind of BRAIN scan. You don’t just forget him! Seriously, it will do the doctors good to see Travis, because they need to be encouraged-bottom line. As these posts have attested to, he is a walking miracle. Are you guys like me; hardly being able to wait the 2 weeks between test results? I told Travis on the phone today, “Travis, you will kiss Travis Lee Roberts IV on the forehead. No question about it.” So unbelievable and yet believable all at once. You go God.

    Still praying (excitedly). Thank you God for envigorationg my prayer life through TLR!!


  • Sarah Kirkland

    Praise God!!!!

  • Jane Boone

    Wonderful! Thank you Jesus!

  • Judy Eubanks

    Thank You, Lord!

  • Joy Hoffmann

    Awesome!! Praise God!

  • Lisa Sager

    This news is freaking awesome!! I’ll continue praying and I know Travis will continue fighting!!

  • Lindsay Mullinax

    Can’t seem to get my jaw off the floor. That is AMAZING news! Thrilled for you guys.

  • Kay Pigg

    We will continue to pray for Travis. We are so excited for the good response to the treatments!

  • Laurie Garvin

    Praise God for that awesome news!!

    We continue to lift you up in prayer, Travis!!

  • Jean gysin

    Please know you both are in my daily prayers

  • Glenda Smith

    Praise the Lord!!

  • Doreen Pettit

    God Wants You Well.

  • Gino Molinet

    Amazing news…….. Travis, God is at work in your life and in the life of others who are following and have been with you thru this journey. There is a message to be spread for many years to come. Continue being that light and may this experience be carried across the Nation and eventually through out the world…

    Love you Always,

    Gino Molinet

  • Arianna Gray

    What a blessing! Praying so hard for the good news to continue!

  • Erin Wolfe

    wonderful news- prayers for the same to keep coming. you two and your faith through this test is amazing.

  • Heather Jordan

    Such great news!! Continuing to pray for complete healing!!

  • charlie Rizzo

    Carrie: The man you’re married to is a champion and with God in his corner,he can’t lose. Hang tough for I truly believe this will be the miracle of the century and will go down in the annals of medicine. Headlines read: TRAVIS remains Champ!!
    Charlie CFI.

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