God is Working

God is working. It’s undeniable. He is working in a big and mighty way. It’s enough to make atheists question their atheism.

As Carrie and I chatted today it hit me, that as we go through day to day life, we can miss God’s work…His miracles…if we don’t step back and take the time to take a look and see that….

He is working.

As bits and pieces of information have come in, it’s like putting a puzzle together, to get a glimpse of the big picture and how He is working.

Travis’ cancer is aggressive. Fast. A completely gnarly cancer that would have eaten him up in a matter of months had God not been working.

Recently, Dr. Hamrick shared with Travis that he had his team go back and compare the MRI Travis had done on the day he found out “something” was wrong (April 11) to the one he had done just weeks later at MD Anderson (May 8th). Why? Because, initially, there was concern that the protocol used for performing and reading MRIs, CTs and PET scans was not as high of a standard at Kaiser as it is at MD Anderson. After all, Kaiser only found three tumors and cancer in the lymph nodes of only the abdomen wall. MD Anderson found eight tumors and cancer in the groin, chest, and abdomen wall lymph nodes.

But there was no difference in the equipment. No difference in the protocol. No difference in how results were read.

Travis’ cancer had just spread that fast.

It makes sense. After all, his CA19-9 markers went from 91,000 to 161,000 in just one month.

God is working. Because as fast as Travis’ cancer was spreading…he would have been dead in months.

God is working.

Remember. This was found “by accident”. Travis has not had a kidney stone flare up in more than three years and, since that fateful night he ended up in the ER, he has not had a problem since.

There was no kidney stone blockage. There was no kidney stone passage. There was no reason for the kidney stone pain that night he went to the ER.

God is working.

But why?

Why is God working? Why is God using Travis of all people to work through?

Is it because he is a good person? I don’t think so. Good people die.

Is it because he has become a faithful follower of Jesus Christ? I don’t think so. I know believers…devout believers…who die.

Is it because he literally has thousands of people praying for him to be healed? I don’t know. I have known others who have had thousands of people pray for their healing…and they passed on to heaven anyway.

Why is God working through Travis?

The truth? I don’t know why!

But here’s what I do know.

God has made it very clear that we are to bring our requests to Him. That we are to pray to Him. That we are to ask for anything in the name of Jesus.

And so…not because I think He is the big gumball machine in the sky, where I put in my quarter and get out my blessing, do I ask for Travis’ healing.

I ask, in obedience, because He has told me to ask.

And I am humbled to watch Him Work.

Tomorrow is a big day. A big day in this story. A big day in the lives of the Roberts and Pettit families.

Tomorrow. Is the cat scan.

It’s been two months of treatment already. It’s time to see what it has done. It’s time to see what God has done.

Pray for the miracle. Pray that unbelieving doctors and lab technicians will be blown away in disbelief.

Pray with the knowledge of what God is capable of…of the miracle He has already provided. Travis is alive. Had it not been for that “mystery” kidney stone pain three months ago, Travis would likely have months left to live.

Pray knowing that…

God is working.

11 responses to “God is Working

  • Debbie Welch Douthit

    I cry at every blog .. But tonight lumps in my throat… We love you and thank you for the daily reminder how powerful our awesome God is!!!

  • Lisa Sager

    My prayer warriors and I will be out in full force tomorrow as the cat scan is performed. A miracle is occurring with Travis and his situation and the cat scan will confirm that. Prayers for continued healing and even more positive news from the results. Fondly, Lisa Sager

  • John Pettit

    Done. Can’t wait to hear more of how the God of the universe flabbergasts the doctors further. Who ever thought of the joy in chemo and doctor visits? Yes, Lord, yes, to You be the glory.

  • Debbie Rooks

    Done!!!!! Prayers abound in our family for the Roberts’ family!!!!

  • Becky Hovda

    Praying for your family.

  • Anonymous

    Praying and Praying!! Continue the fight as we are reading the miracle in the #’s I can’t wait to hear about the miracle in the cat scan!! Please know that my every thought will be thanking God and waiting to get the good news!

  • Becky Adler

    Travis and Carrie……Been praying since Josi got your email in mid April. It was Pete’s Bday. You all are on my heart, knowing God is in charge. He IS the Rock Eternal!! I have prayer warriors in the backdrop also praying! He hears and He Is working…… To God be the Glory!
    Much love…… Becky Adler

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permanente

    Father, may all Travis anxieties and all his cares he bring to the mercy seat and leave them there. You demonstrate mercy and compassion as You become strength in place of his weakness, wisdom in place of his lack of understanding and patience in his impatient heart. As he looks to You, not himself or to others, for the answers to his troubles and for Spirit-directed perspective in knowing how to deal with them. I pray that he choose to trust in You, Father, as I pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Travis, you are next in line for a miracle and I’m so glad I’m able to see it happen.

  • kristine sevy

    continuing to pray and also to Praise God for all things.

  • Diana Schock

    thank you for continuing to tell their story. You do it well. Love what you said about us asking for healing out of obedience because he tells us to ask him. We ask knowing that he has a perfect plan and we don’t know what that it, but we trust. Continuing to pray for healing….

  • Sarah Kirkland


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