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The news is in…

and it’s good…oh so good.

They ran the test on the CA19-9 marker and confirmed what they couldn’t believe.   An overall reduction of approximately 96%!!!  As far as the exact number Travis is at this week…we’ll have to wait to get that from Kaiser back in Atlanta.  But what Travis and Carrie do know is that the tone of the appointment was different.  How they were received by the physician and staff….was different.  Instead of a sense of hopelessness.  Pity.  Sadness.  They looked at him…

With amazement.

The doctor and physician assistant were, in a word, amazed.  The same person who said, just two months ago, “less than two years” actually applauded Travis as she entered the room.  Applauded in amazement. 

In the physician’s words, less than ten percent of Cholangiocarcinoma patients see a reduction in their cancer from treatment.  Less than ten percent.  Their objective, usually, is just trying to “buy time”.  It’s a terrible thing.  A terrible thing to write.  A terrible thing to think.  A terrible thing to live.

But that is not Travis’ story.  Not only is he among the “less than ten percent” but a shrinkage like his…in the amount of time he has had treatment…amazing!

For the first time Travis and Carrie got to see his two CT scans.  Side by side.

They were floored.

To see the cancer in one scan.  In so many places.  Eaten up.  And then to see it in the new scan.  To visually see where it had been…and now it is gone.


The prayers they requested yesterday were all answered…in the way they would have chosen for them to be answered!  It doesn’t always work out that way.  We don’t always get the answer we want.  But when God gives us that answer.  When He does it…despite the odds.


It’s amazement. 

A Trip To Disney!

Oh how I wish the Roberts were off to Disney World.  The real Disney World.  The place where magic happens and dreams come true.  The place where Piper’s eyes would light up as Cinderella walked up to introduce herself.  Where Trey would squeal as he got to blast space enemies on Buzz Light Year’s Star Command .  Where little Jake would likely scream in terror as Mickey Mouse tried to get a smile out of him :-).

Disney World.  The happiest place on Earth.

But…that is not the trip for the week.  Instead, Travis and Carrie are headed back to Disneyland for Dead People.

Tonight, Carrie and Travis take a flight to Houston to visit MD Anderson.  And while they are excited to get in front of them.  To show them.  For them to see…the miracle that Travis is.

They are also nervous.

The faces.  The looks.  The fear.



Even if you believe in the Creator. Have faith that you are saved.  Have faith that this place is temporary and we are eternal beings.

Death is scary.

So to be surrounded by it.   To have everyone look at you…hopeless.  With pity.

It’s no wonder they are nervous.

So pray for peace.  Pray for comfort.  Pray for hope in a place of hopelessness. 

In addition to that, the first thing MD Anderson plans to do tomorrow is check Travis’ CA19-9.  Why?  Well…it isn’t that they don’t believe that Travis’ CA19-9 has dropped 97%.   It just that…they don’t believe Travis’ CA19-9 has dropped 97%!!

So pray.  Pray tomorrow that the CA19-9 drops….again. It plummets.  Travis has had astounding results with his CA19-9 but, expectingly, it has slowed slightly.  So pray for another dramatic drop.  One more thing to amaze the doctors.   One more thing that will make them scratch their heads.

Pray they will give him some direction as to the next treatment option…should the current stop being effective.  If it stops being effective we want NO lapse in treatment time. So pray that if there is another treatment…a study coming up…a trial beginning that Travis should be a part of…that it would be made clear.  That they would be given direction.  And, likewise, if they should just “stay the course” with the current treatment…they would have a peace about that as well.

Finally, pray that Travis stays at the forefront of MD Anderson’s mind.  That’s really the purpose of this trip.  To ensure they “remember him”.  As if forgetting Travis Roberts is an option!  But, after all, it is MD Anderson and they do have thousands of patients so “falling through the cracks” is a possibility they are ensuring they avoid.

So that, some day, Travis can take that trip to Disney.  The real Disney.