The news is in…

and it’s good…oh so good.

They ran the test on the CA19-9 marker and confirmed what they couldn’t believe.   An overall reduction of approximately 96%!!!  As far as the exact number Travis is at this week…we’ll have to wait to get that from Kaiser back in Atlanta.  But what Travis and Carrie do know is that the tone of the appointment was different.  How they were received by the physician and staff….was different.  Instead of a sense of hopelessness.  Pity.  Sadness.  They looked at him…

With amazement.

The doctor and physician assistant were, in a word, amazed.  The same person who said, just two months ago, “less than two years” actually applauded Travis as she entered the room.  Applauded in amazement. 

In the physician’s words, less than ten percent of Cholangiocarcinoma patients see a reduction in their cancer from treatment.  Less than ten percent.  Their objective, usually, is just trying to “buy time”.  It’s a terrible thing.  A terrible thing to write.  A terrible thing to think.  A terrible thing to live.

But that is not Travis’ story.  Not only is he among the “less than ten percent” but a shrinkage like his…in the amount of time he has had treatment…amazing!

For the first time Travis and Carrie got to see his two CT scans.  Side by side.

They were floored.

To see the cancer in one scan.  In so many places.  Eaten up.  And then to see it in the new scan.  To visually see where it had been…and now it is gone.


The prayers they requested yesterday were all answered…in the way they would have chosen for them to be answered!  It doesn’t always work out that way.  We don’t always get the answer we want.  But when God gives us that answer.  When He does it…despite the odds.


It’s amazement. 

13 responses to “Amazement

  • Kay Pigg

    truly, truly, amazing…I am so happy for your news Carrie and Travis. To God give the glory and keep the praises going.

  • Felicia Conwell

    Travis, from the day we met I knew that God was using you in a special way. When I asked God to send me an angel, He sent you and Carrie. You have helped me to renew my faith in a way even I can’t explain. But what I do know is God is so good. Thank you, for sharing your life story with me and for allowing me to be a friend to both of you. I miss you guys and I love you both.

  • Anonymous

    Carrie and Travis: And the miracle continues-Faith and prayer, God’s plan for Travis is far from over for prayers are being heard and answered. God Bless and keep the faith. Mr.CFA.

  • Jamie

    I don’t know you all but I’ve been following your story and this is such good news. Praise the Lord, the God of all healing…keep posting and we will keep reading. I’ve known MD Anderson visits via a friend of the family and yes, you described it very accurately. Disneyland for th dead. So glad you could walk out with such a different take than when you walked in. Keep fighting. Jamie Mullins

  • Mark Henderson

    What great news! It is amazing how God works when people pray and give Him the praise for all things.

  • Daniel & Cheri Urie

    Wow! Congratulations on the fabulous news! Following your journey and seeing God work in such miraculous ways over these weeks has been so encouraging for us. It has truly increased our faith in God and has been a blessing. We will continue to pray for you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    What wonderful news!! You are continually in our prayers.
    Love to you both,
    Vicki and Walt Gansser

  • Kathy Thomas

    Praise The Lord!!!! What a joy to see God at work in such a concrete way. I will not slow down on the prayers but my praises increase for the awesome God we serve. (Kathy – Mike McGowan’s Sister/Ryan Conclin’s Aunt).

  • Donna

    God is wonderful!! I really do think there is such a big plan for you and Carrie that we just don’t see yet! Continuing with prayer and love!

  • Doreen

    God ALWAYS wants us to be well just as any good father would. Thank you Father.

  • Heather Jordan

    Awesome news!!! Exactly what I was praying for….unexplainable results to give God all the glory!!! Great great news!!! Praises going up!

  • Anonymous

    I have been a person of faith for a long time….I have accepted God’s sovereign power in my life, and in the lives of all believers, but I also understand I may never know or understand His plan for me. Travis, your journey has done more to strengthen my faith in His love than anything I have ever experienced. He is omnipotent…to God be the glory!

  • Chrissy

    Such an encouraging update, and yet another reminder of how faithful our God is. I am not surprised by this wonderful news!

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