How do you know when you are truly loved?

How do you know when your life has mattered?

How do you know that you have made an impact?


Sometimes it takes tragedy to find out what you have meant to others.  To find out how much you are loved.  To find out what kind of impact you have made.

The news this week has been nothing less than tragic.  But I have stood back in awe of the response.  I have been baffled by the love and outreach I have seen.

I am amazed by Travis’ impact.

Social media is a frenzy as friends, family, coworkers, strangers to Travis try to do something…anything to help.  Whether it is a word of encouragement.  An offer to help.  A commitment to pray.

People want to help.

And the latest warms my heart because I know it will warm Trav’s.

As most of you know, Travis is a proud UGA alumni.  He attends almost all home games and travels to many away games.  He often attends their bowl games.  He tailgates and even “crashed” the student section for as long as he could despite having season tickets.  It was some time around 28 or 29 that a student looked at him and said “Dude.  Aren’t you kind of old to be in the student section?”  In short.  Travis loves the Bulldogs.

This weekend the Bulldogs have a big game.  Big enough that ESPN College Game Day will be there.

And, of course, Travis will be there.  Bright and early.  It’s who he is.  It’s what he enjoys. 

And so.  In light of the tragic news this week.  Despite their own lives.  Work. Families. Prior commitments.  Some friends have taken time from their day and started a campaign.


They have taken to social media to get ESPN’s attention to get Travis on College Game Day.

Can you think of a better person for it?  A more charismatic person? A person with more impact?

I can’t.

And so now it is your chance.  The only chance this has is to make this go viral.  And that means they need your help.

You can take to Twitter and tweet something like the following…

@CollegeGameDay @KirkHerbstreit @davidpollack47 @cbfowler  UGA grad fighting for his life #TravOnGameDay

Just be sure to include #TravOnGameDay and let’s just see what we can do for Trav.

If we can have…

an impact.

7 responses to “Impact

  • Anonymous

    Although I do not know the family, they have been in my thoughts and prayers. I came across this blog while looking for some hope regarding bile duct cancer. This cancer too has touched my life. Perhaps we can share our hope and strategies in fighting this.

  • Anonymous

    PNut – I have a list of the top 10 people that I have had the pleasure of knowing, working or just meeting in a moment of time and you are and have been on that list since the day we first met and worked together. Do you know, do you really know, how many lives you have an impact on!! You and Clint made changes in me. Clint gave me chances no one else would have and you taught me to always look at things with a sense of humor! I can’t find the right words, the best words or the smartest things to say to you right now. I saw a sign on a little church on the way home from work today and all it said is God shows mercy everyday! I believe that and will continue to pray for you, Carrie, the kids and everyone who you have touched with your love, your courage and your sense of humor!!

  • Savory Cleveland

    Huge UGA fan and will be praying for Travis. I urge you to look into Gerson Therapy. Cancer was “cured” by Dr. Gerson decades ago. It’s diet. Change his diet. It is radical but convention is failing Travis.

    My own father died of lung cancer in 1999. We followed the course of treatment the best in ATL had to offer to no avail.

    God was faithful through it all and lessons were learned. Gerson therapy. Look up the Wellness Warrior’s story about overcoming cancer with Gerson Therapy.

    God gave us food and it can kill or heal us. Death began, quite literally, with a single bite and physical life can be extended the same way.

    God Bless

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permanente

    I learned as a child that everything around us is made up of energy and in order to attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy. This is something that Travis did the moment I met him. His smile, sense of humor and the positive energy I felt from him made me want to know more about him, because he reminded me a lot of myself. See I had to battle cancer myself 3 times to be exact and during that time I learned that a positive attitude will talk you a long way in life and Travis has been one of the most positive people I’ve met in a long time. I’m glad that me met and now I have two new friends (Carrie & Travis) whom I love dearly.

    Travis my words of encouragement for you today are: When ever you start to feel pain, you don’t quit. You keep pushing yourself until you don’t feel pain anymore. And no matter what anyone says, even if they say you only have 1% chance to beat this, continue to fight. Always remember, no matter how small a chance is it’s still an opportunity. This is something I’ve seen you do daily.

    May the healing of God touch your life and strengthen your family even more.

  • Glyndell Porter George

    Travis and Carrie,
    Still praying. Still trusting. Still believing in God’s plan for you and your sweet family.
    Love you,
    Glyndell George

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