There are all kinds of warriors.  When you think of the term “warrior” you probably picture Mel Gibson with his face painted blue screaming about freedom.

Or at least something like that….

There will be warriors on the field Saturday when the Bulldogs take on LSU.  With Travis looking on. Cheering. Watching. Wondering….

Is this my last season of watching the Dawgs play?

And then there is the most important warriors of all.

Prayer warriors.

Thankfully. Travis has lots of those in his corner.

One of Trav’s friends, Scott Belcher, emailed me yesterday.  We’ve never met. But he reads the blog.  And he shared something with me that I had to share with everyone.

This. Is the definition.

Of a warrior.

11 responses to “Warrior

  • Anonymous

    The Urie family will pray this prayer everyday until you are healed.

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permanente

    This is a beautiful prayer. The word of God says when two or more gather in my name I will dwell in the mist of them. Yes, there are so many prayer warriors praying for Travis for he is one of the soldiers in the army of the Lord. With that being said I’ll leave you with the words of a song that I like entitled “Soldiers Again”, It fits Travis and is dedicated to all the prayers warriors praying for him.

    Backyard soldiers, little boys. We fought the enemy with little toys, sticks for swords, and hands for guns, every battle always won. But as we grew and went our way, we forgot about our soldier days. No more swords, no more guns, No more battles to be won.

    But we were wrong. We did not see we still had an enemy. So now we stand Friend with friend, we are soldiers once again. We are soldiers again, in the army of the Lord. We are soldiers again and His Word is our sword. We will not be denied with Him by our side. We know the victory we’ll win. We will fight till the end soldiers again.

    And we still can’t even see the one we are fighting, but we stand with One who can, the Lord God Almighty.

    Travis keep fighting and warriors keep praying, until the VICTORY is won.

  • Anonymous

    With prayer and hope that this is a battle that you will come out victorious!!!!
    The Ginepri’s

  • kathy Thomas (Mike McGowan's sister and Ryan Conclin's Aunt).

    Praying for peace that passes all understanding (which I have experienced in my own battle with cancer). Praying for patience as God works out his plan for you life. Praying for persistence (which I hear you already posses in great quantities). Praying for positive results that confound the earthly physicians. And above all, proud to be adding my prayers to the cacophony of saints partitioning heaven for a miracle for you so that od will be Glorified.

    • Travis

      Thank you so much. Keep the prayers coming. I have that peace. I believe God is giving me that. I believe the prayer from so many get me through.

      Thank u.

  • Connie Hensley

    From Scott Belcher’s Mom…I have been and will continue daily to pound the doors of heaven on you behalf. Joshua 1:9

    • Travis

      You raised a great man with Scott. All I can say is that he has been a HUGE source of encouragement when I need it. God put him in my life. I love him.

      Also thank you for knocking on the door to heaven. He is listening I know so please don’t stop. I love my family and I don’t want to leave them so please beg him to keep me here.

      Thanks so much!!

  • Connie Hensley

    Thank you for your kind words regarding Scott …trust me, you have impacted his live in a HUGE way too. Good friends are one of God’s greatest blessings and I’m so thankful that he allowed your path to cross with Scott’s. You can be assured that my prayers will continue, as a matter of fact, I am literally praying Scott’s prayer,every morning, along with the one that comes from a Mother’s heart.

  • meansblogadmin

    Carrie and Travis,
    You continue to be an inspiration to so many, including myself.
    My husband passed away at 35 due to Cholangiocarcinoma. This was 4 years ago and the treatments you describe are so much more advanced than what we had just that short time ago. I hope with all of my heart that your outcome is nothing short of many more years together with your children and that with each trial we are closer to a cure. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is any experience or listening that I can offer you. I didn’t see a link to email you so I can just leave you with a link to my blog that you can reach me via. My husband was a huge Dawgs fan and the eternal optimist as well. I’m sure you have tickets to the games etc…but let me know if there’s anything I can do social media or just support wise (anything) to help you out.
    Most Sincerely Heather Means


    • Carrie Roberts

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I will take the time to read over your blog. We are so sad and sorry for your loss. Thank you for following our story. The CC family has to stick together. We all have a bond that we wish we did not have.
      With Love,
      Travis and Carrie

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