If you had told me, a month ago, what would happen this week I would have burst into tears.

If you would have told me a month ago, what would happen this week, I would have been filled with dread and despair.

If you would have told me a month ago, what would happen this week, I would have entered the week hopeless.

So how is it Friday of this dreadful week and I am…smiling.



And more importantly…I am experiencing this with Carrie and Travis.

Yep. They’re smiling too. They’re giddy too.

On Monday, we found out the CA19-9 (Travis’ cancer marker) doubled…again.

On Tuesday, the CT scan showed new growth. New cancer. The chemo stopped working.

On Wednesday, my sister text me I’m so sad about Travis this morning, I don’t want to get up and go through the motions of the day. I can’t imagine how he and Carrie are feeling. I want to DO something and yet I know praying is DOING something, it just doesn’t feel like it.

My response? I have to get the kids to school in ten minutes and all three of us are still in our pajamas. 

But what about Travis? What was he doing Wednesday morning? Laying in bed? Holed up in despair?

Not Travis.

He was preparing for a speech. A speech he agreed to give a month earlier before anybody knew what this week would be like.

Travis has prayed several times, over the last few months that, if God gave him a platform, he would tell his story and what God has done in his life.

And now he had a platform.

Carrie told him it would be ok to cancel. They would understand. Who wouldn’t after the 48 hours they had.  But Trav said no. He asked for a platform and now he had one. He wouldn’t walk away from the opportunity.

Besides. God knew a month ago that the speech and the results would come on the same week.

And Travis knew He knew.

So he delivered his speech. And of course, in true Trav style, knocked it out of the park.

Not a dry eye in the room.

And that isn’t the end of the story. There’s more…

Around the same time of the speech, unbeknownst to Travis, a campaign was brewing. A campaign started by his brother-in-law, Joe. Not a campaign to get Travis some crazy treatment. Not a campaign to “end cancer” in the name of Travis. Not a campaign to raise a crazy amount of money.

A simple campaign.

A campaign to get Travis on ESPN Game Day.

Cause sometimes a smile. Laughter. Being loved is the best medicine.

Joe knows how much Travis loves sports. Loves football. Loves The Bulldogs. So he set out with a simple task. Get Travis on College Game Day. Give him something to smile about.

By the end of Wednesday there were 6,000 tweets with #GetTravOnGameDay.

Not too bad.

At the time of this writing?


No. That’s not a typo. That’s real.

So Game Day has called. Trav talked to Lee Corso. Back Stage Passes. Pictures with the guys. Everything a fan could want.

And then WSB called. They picked up on the trend on Twitter and they wanted an interview.

Another platform.

You can watch it at 5:45 today or, if you are reading this later, go to the WSB website to watch it.

And so now. Things are happening fast. Phones are ringing. People he never thought he would talk to are calling.

And so…We are all a little giddy.

What changed? What turned the tide of despair that seemed unstoppable just three days ago?

Is it being on TV? Talking to famous people? He can’t lie. That is pretty cool. But that isn’t it.

So what is it? What is strong enough to stop grief? Anguish? Heart break?


Love of a brother. Love of so many friends. Love of so many strangers.

Nothing is powerful enough to stop the wave of despair. Nothing but love.

And now you can show Travis some love.  Because the campaign is not over.  Travis graciously accepted the backstage passes to Game Day and is excited to meet the guys.  But frankly…his friends…want more.  We want everyone to hear Travis’ story.  Not just for Travis’ sake…but for their own.  So take to Twitter.  Facebook.  Whatever.  And tell College Game Day you want to see something about Travis and his story.  It is not too late. #TravOnGameDay

With all the coverage we see day in and day out on all the things going wrong in this world.  How about showing the world a group of people doing things right. That in the face of despair and heartache…family, friends and strangers are gathering. Showing support.


8 responses to “Love

  • Vicki Gansser

    Just saw the piece on Travis on WSB!! How great that so many made this special day happen tomorrow!! You are incredible Travis and Carrie!! God Bless You. In our prayers always and sending so much love.
    Vicki and Walt

  • Glenda Smith

    We are praying for you Travis & Carrie!! We believe in miracles!! God Bless you both & all your family & friends.

  • Jordan

    I met Travis yesterday and prayed for him. I want Travis and his family to know what is going on now for him: there was a 24/hr prayer event that was planned months ago here in Atlanta and is going tonight through tomorrow night. I got on the stage tonight to tell his story and for the whole body to go to our Father for his complete healing! As I was finishing up, a man I know came up and shared how very recently, a girl (who is a friend of mine) who works with cancer patients at a hospital here in Atlanta shared with this man and his wife how she had a new patient with stage 4 terminal cancer. They prayed for the patient and the updated results just came back and the cancer is completely gone – God healed him!!! So the same woman came up and prayed for Travis’ healing. So be encouraged Travis! You’re so loved and there is an army going to our Father on your behalf. For healing, complete healing in all areas!

    • Jean Floccari

      We are praying for you Travis and Carrie , things will be alright one day at a time. Jean and Joseph

    • Travis

      Wow. Thank you so much. I can’t express in words how thankful I am for what you just did. After all the prayer that has happens by so many over the last week I wish I could get a cat scan today :). I feel like God is getting so many requests for my healing he has to listen. I feel like he is and will. Anyway thank you so much for telling the story and all the prayer.


      • Jordan Pedron


        I know you have so many people reaching out to you so I don’t mean to take up your time but I have one more thing the Holy Spirit is putting heavily on my heart that I believe He wants me to share with you right now: with my healing with a situation I had a few years ago (and with someone else recently as well) God wanted all un-forgiveness that I had in my heart to be gone before I was completely healed personally. So I made sure in my heart I forgave people in my life that I was holding on to. This was my personal experience and don’t know if it applies for you or not, but felt led to share so wanted to be faithful to do that.

        Praying for you brother! You’re so loved. And go dawgs – awesome game!



      • Travis

        Thank you so much for sharing with me.

  • Robin Wheeler

    From all the campaign “managers,” in north and south Georgia, we love you Travis. SIC ‘EM! GO DAWGS!

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