Finally.  The day has arrived.  The wait is over.

It’s time to fight.

Fight this cancer that has taken up residence in Travis’ body.

Travis and Carrie left for Houston on Wednesday.  A road trip.  Just the two of them.  No kids.  One purpose.

To fight Trav’s cancer. 


They stopped in Biloxi for some fun and arrived in Houston Thursday night.

They were at MD Anderson at 9:45 yesterday morning.  Their appointment was scheduled for 10:00.  Timeliness is always important to Travis…especially when he is looking to fight.  But upon arrival they learned Travis’ CT Scan was moved from Tuesday morning to yesterday morning at 6:40 am.

However, someone forgot to let the patient know about the schedule change.

While the morning started out rocky, it didn’t deter them from their purpose.  Their purpose to fight.

And so, they had to squeeze in a CT scan.  It sounds easy but it is actually pretty complex.  Travis has to drink a contrast at different periods of the day and could not eat within 3 hours of the CT scan.  Only…they didn’t know when the CT scan was going to be.  Which simply meant he couldn’t eat until after the CT scan.  And the CT scan ended up being at 5:45 PM.

Nothing like kicking a guy when he is down.

Travis also had an echocardiogram, and his blood was drawn, but the results are not yet known. They will get their results on Wednesday when they meet with Dr. Shroff.    The blood work will tell them where the CA19-9 is after one month of no treatment and the CT Scan will show any tumor growth or spreading.

It doesn’t matter. Travis has resigned to the fact that the news could be bad.  It is what it is and now he is just ready for his new course of treatment to fight this.

The clinical trial is officially being conducted by Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson is sponsoring a “branch” of the trial.  Yesterday, Carrie and Travis got to meet with Dr. Zinner who is heading up the branch at MD Anderson.   While he cannot guarantee Travis’ participation in the trial (Johns Hopkins gets the final say) he sees no reason Travis would not be admitted.

The purpose of the trial is to test the maximum dosage tolerated of two combined drugs: Pazopanib and a MEK inhibitor which has not yet been named.  It is a directed therapy, meaning it will not kill everything in its path but, rather, will only attack what it should.  The Pazopanib should cut off the blood supply to the tumors. The MEK inhibitor should do just what it describes.  It will inhibit MEK from getting in the tumors.  MEK is a protein that cancer cells gobble up and thrive on.

Travis will have to take two pills every day.   Assuming he is approved to enter the trial he will start the pills on Wednesday.  After 15 days on the trial he will have blood drawn.  After 28 days he will return to MD Anderson for a day to meet with the trial doctor and, again, have blood drawn.  At that point, they will know the effect of these drugs on his tumors. They will know how well these drugs fight. After 56 days he will return for two days to get a CT scan, blood work, and again meet with the trial doctor.  And so will be the pattern for as long as these drugs continue to fight.

The potential side effects are numerous.  All of his hair could turn white.  He will likely develop a painful rash. Fatigue. Nausea. Swollen feet.  Food will no longer taste good.


But while the potential side effects…suck.  They are simply a price.  A price to pay in the fight.

Travis will have an opthalmology appointment on Monday afternoon and has the day “off” from MD Anderson on Tuesday.

Wednesday they will meet with Dr. Shroff and find out if Johns Hopkins has approved his entry in the trial.  They will also get the results of the blood work and CT scan.  And, assuming he is in the trial, he will take his first dose of the medications.

Wednesday is an important day.

Wednesday is a day to fight.

12 responses to “Fight

  • John Pettit

    Beating on the gates of Heaven with pleas and prayer; fighting as your Prayer Warrior, Trav. Whether by God’s hand or modern medicine, I remain expectant of a miracle.


  • Eddie Quarles

    Travis & Carrie
    Linda my partner farther has the same cancer. He had the six rounds of treatments then started taking two pills a day over two and half years ago.
    Although they lives in China they consulted with the doctors at M D Anderson. Although he.s has loss weight he still can run faster the Linda and she played pro basket ball.
    Hopefully you will be approved for the treatment. If not their other countries who don’t go by FDA guidelines. Have several friends who have been told the same thing and they go to other countries and come back much better.
    Your in my prayers and things will work out for you.
    Thank care
    Eddie Quarles

  • Sarah Kirkland

    Praying and cheering you on as you fight!!!!

  • Kay Pigg

    Pulling for you Travis…GO, FIGHT, WIN!!

  • Chris Allen

    Please watch… It might provide you some extremely beneficial info… I don’t know you but I will pray for you!!

  • Kimberly

    Hang in there Travis! Fight!! Everyone is praying and we know God’s will is going to be your way!! Prayer Warriord with you in prayers and spirit from Celina Texas!

  • Lisa Sager

    I know this is a big week and will be sending positive thoughts your way, especially on Wednesday. Praying for the perfect plan for you in your continuing fight. Lisa

  • Heather Womble

    Hey guys!! I just started following you two. Okay my husband and I are going through the journey of Cholangiocarcinoma as well. My husband is 45 years old. Diagnosed Nov 2012, if your interested in visiting let me know. I am connecting in sooo many ways especially the peace that we just cant explain. Of course we know where it comes from, God is good even in these awful,scary storms. He also goes to MD Anderson and sees Dr. Javle. is my email, feel free to touch base if interested. As I pray for my husband I will pray for Travis. I really hate these roller coasters!!!

  • Joan

    So appreciate the details and the spirit of your reporting. Also appreciate that our God is omnipotent and Travis’ desire to display His power is huge!

  • Stephanie

    Thinking about you during this important week, and sending all of our prayers your way! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

  • Cleve

    Love you two, proud of you two and continue to lift you up in prayer. Who you are… you’re handling this…what an inspiration you are to friends and strangers. I’m in awe of the love for your faith, family and friends you’ve displayed in all of this. You honor all three with your commitment, resilience, love and beautiful spirit. With tears rolling down my face at a sushi bar…….always know the Holden’s continue to pray in his name for healing.

  • Michele

    Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

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