In The Trial


Trav made it into the trial!
Here he is with his meds… All in this little bag !!!

The CA19-9 marker is up quite a bit as expected.
The cancer has grown, BUT has not spread anywhere new and the lymphnodes look about the same as they did before his chemo break. The news is not amazing and it is not devastating. I call that a win in Cholangio World:)!

The doctors here are awesome and even though it is difficult to be here, we feel so blessed that we are. We are so grateful to our rockstar Dr Hamrick at Kaiser and to his team for fighting for us to get into this trial and for cheering us on along the way.

With that being said, we are so ready to go home to see our babies!!! Thank you all for the prayers and support. A big thank you to my mom and dad for keeping our oldest guy all week and to my angel cousin Ali who kept our two little ones. It’s an amazing relief when you know that your children are being loved and taken care of.

We feel like God has His hands on our journey and we are trusting Him all of the way. Our prayer now is that these trial drugs will attack the cancer in Travs body. That he will be able to handle these drugs as he did the others with little to no side effects. Also, that we know how to deal with any fear that is creeping into the minds of our older kiddos. This is uncharted territory so we pray that God leads us in our words and actions as parents.

We truly love those of you who are reading this and supporting us. God has shown us His love through all of you !!!


22 responses to “In The Trial

  • Charlotte Springthorpe

    Awesome news! So glad that he made the trial! Praying for the drugs to be the answer to a cure!!! Xoxo.

  • mommajane59

    Praise God….HE is Awesome!!

  • Lisa Sager

    I am a friend of Jenni’s and have been praying for Travis and your entire family since hearing of his diagnosis. I was especially in prayer for you this morning at 10:00 am. I’m so happy to hear he was accepted into the trial and will pray for a quick and vicious attack on the cancer and complete healing. God bless all of you and may you constantly feel God’s presence during this journey. Fondly, Lisa Sager

  • Connie Hensley

    So thankful for today’s news! I continue to pray Scott’s prayer daily and trust the One who hears.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing news and the Urie family will be praying for you!

  • Debbie South it

    Love you so.,, God is awesome and safe travels home!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Jason Forster

    Travis – you are the man! May God bless you during your bumpy walk. I am now gone from Pavestone but look me up at Decatur First United Methodist Church.

  • John Pettit

    Trial. What a word. It certainly sums it up doesn’t it? Safe travels to you back to those kiddoes. We have our marching orders and will continue to do our part, you can believe that. Prayer and love to you,


  • Georgia

    Awesome news about the trial! Praying for you all!

  • Anonymous

    What great news!! Love and prayers being sent to you both.

  • Anonymous

    You and your children have been heavy on our hearts this week. We are thrilled you made it into the trial. The Watts family is praying with a fury!

  • Kay Pigg

    so happy to see this positive report! Prayers will continue!!

  • Kim Obeldobel

    Awesome news … our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Staci

    Carrie and Travis, we are praying. Praise to God for answering the prayer positively to be part of the trial! Prayers for your children and family and close friends for strength, clarity, and faith. And, prayers of thankfulness in being able to see Travis riding his kids around on that motorcycle. Will always have that image in my mind and look forward to seeing it more! Your neighbors, Staci and Jeff W.

  • Jeff Luce

    Thinking of you guys a lot.

  • Kay Van Curen, Kennesaw GA

    Carrie & Travis, we don’t know each other and I don’t know why I even got the first blog about you but decided that I was to pray for you as you walk through this journey. I have been praying and asking God, in His will, to completely heal Travis. I’m praising HIM today for allowing you to be in this new “field testing” project. Just want you to know that you have many people praying for you and some of them don’t know you but are called to intervene in prayer for you. May that knowledge increase your faith that God is with you and has called out prayer warriors on your behalf. I look forward to the next blog telling about these new drugs and how they are helping.

  • Nancy Ginepri

    Terrific news for you all!!!! We all know you will keep fighting this with God’s help.

  • Cheryl Scott King

    Travis & Carrie,
    I too have been praying for you since I heard from Jennie about your diagnosis. So have many friends of mine from Mt. Bethel UMC. Praise God that you have been accepted into the trial. We continue to pray for your complete healing. May you keep feeling the love of others who are praying for you during this difficult time. Your former tennis partner,

  • Michele

    By His stripes Travis IS HEALED, IN Jesus’s name!

  • Glenda Smith

    I agree with Michele, “By His Stripes Travis IS HEALED, IN JESUS’S NAME!” God Bless you both, Travis & Carrie!! We are praying & our church here in Chattanooga, Tennessee is praying!!

  • Anonymous

    Praise God. All of the Woodliefs are continuing to pray for you and expecting a miracle…”Is anything too difficult for the Lord?”

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