We are sitting on the plane. Waiting to take off for Houston, Texas. Feeling excited, nervous, numb, sad, blessed… The list goes on.

Excited… We are able to travel to MDA for medical treatment.

Nervous… The news that we are going for is nerve wracking. Travis has been sick for 2 weeks now. We know that the chemo is causing the sickness, but we want to know if they can provide some relief for these symptoms because they are really bad:(! They have definitely changed Travs quality of life for the first time since he was diagnosed . Then we have nerves about the CA19-9. What will it look like? Will it have gone down?

Numb… It’s really hard to feel the raw emotions of cancer 24/7 so yes, numb. It’s a place you have to go sometimes to get through the day. Whenever my brain starts going crazy I stop it in its tracks with, “Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” I let those words from the Bible take over my worry and then I’ve gotta say I can feel a little numb because I give my worries away!!! Yes, they come back. They’re not over forever, but it gets me through many hard times. Thank you God.

Sad… We are leaving our babies again. This time two of our little ones are sick, the boys! Pippi is not sick, but she has had such a hard time lately watching her daddy. Now she is having separation issues. Her sweet teacher, Ms Kimberlee has to pull her from my arms as she is screaming in carpool line at drop off. Today I had to force her out of my arms while she was screaming and drive away knowing that I wouldn’t see her for 3 days. Of course I cried. How could I not? My wonderful mom and dad and my angel cousin Ali will be with our babies while we are gone. The babes will be fine. They will be loved. But, we were still so sad to leave a screaming girl and two sick boys:(. Esp to deal with Cancer!

Blessed… What can I say? How can I list everything? We have family and friends who have reached out and cared for us more than I ever would have imagined. If your reading this… You are one of them. Just caring about our story is amazing! On top of that…

We have offers from everywhere to bring us meals. I want to say that after the holidays I will most likely have my sister start a meal calendar again. Watch for an email or FB msg or blog post in Jan. We received meals for almost 4 months when Trav was diagnosed and it was a HUGE help.

Last night we received a beautiful basket of sweets from an old friend Ashley Woodlief who totally surprised us. Thank you so much!

Then this morning we got a knock on the door from my friend Lori from Trey’s K-5 class who had goody bags for the kids for while we are away. What a sweet surprise!

I personally have the sweetest Bible study group who is always there for me and my family.

We can’t say enough about our kids teachers. Trey’s K-5 teacher, Mrs Decker was put into our lives by God as well as the entire group of kids and parents in the class. They surround us with Gods love and grace at all times. Then I mentioned Pippi having recent troubles going to school, but thanks to the love of Ms Sue and Ms Kimberlee they watch her like a hawk throughout the day and make sure she doesn’t have problems while she is away from mommy and daddy:). Thank you to our teachers who are so very important.

We received a meal last week from my friend Meredith that made our night easy and delish!!!

My sister left her 3 kids with her hubby in Chatt, TN just to come spend a sister day with me last week. She always has the right things to say:).

Also, this Sunday Travis and I stood before the church with our 3 babes and dedicated them to The Lord and committed to raising them in a Christian home. This is something that I have been waiting to do for 6 years and now that Trav and I are in one accord this is something that we were able to do!

After the dedication my best friend (the main writer of this blog) Kristina Gansser fixed a beautiful lunch for a few friends and family members who helped celebrate the day. Just FYI, her food and presentation for a party are top notch just like her writing:). One talented gal!

Another huge blessing for me is that I along with 4 other ladies have helped start a small Facebook support group for ladies whose husbands have Cholangio. We call ourselves CC Wives and joke that we wish we were MLB players wives or something. But we aren’t:(! We were instant friends because of our intense and horrible bond. We are blessed to have one another.

So BLESSED we are! Trav continues to have wonderful friends constantly checking up on him and caring for him. Even though it has been really tough lately Trav still amazes me with his attitude. I recently had a friend who told me that I had such a positive spirit and that it must be so helpful for Trav. I had to quickly explain that it was quite the opposite. Travs positive spirit and willingness to fight is what keeps me going. He is so strong. I don’t think that I could ever deal with things as well as he has.

We have had a horrible day. Our flight went fine, but from there it went down hill.
We had decided just to Priceline a hotel room when we got to Houston. Trav does this all of the time when he travels. Well, as a note, never do that in Houston. The entire city was booked. We looked and looked and looked for a hotel. We checked every website, made phone calls, and walked into many hotels. NOTHING!!!!
While this was going on we were supposed to be meeting one of the couples that’s in my CC Wives support group. We all live in different areas of the country so Heather and I were so excited that we would be at MDA at the same time so we (including our hubs) can share and support one another face to face.
Well as we are in the process of combing the city for a hotel and trying to work out a time to meet our new friends Trav started getting really sick. REALLY SICK!!! Opening the car door and throwing up kind of sick.
Unfortunately we had to cancel our dinner with our new friends. I was so sad:(.
We called my mom about the hotel and she got on her computer and praise God, she found us a funny little hotel that is nice and clean and close to the hospital. We are singing her praises tonight. It really is a funny little place, but it is a place:). YAY for that!!!
Trav is still sick, but at least we have a place for him to lay his head.
We are praying that tomorrow will be a better day with positive news and answers to these awful side effects.

This post was kind of all over, but it’s very much our life right now.
Love to all of our wonderful friends and family and to all of you who pray without even knowing us! Love love love to you all!
We will post an MD Anderson update tomorrow!

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