Real Life

Years ago a video went viral.  A little boy had a dental treatment and was on his way home.  As he was recovering from the anesthesia he couldn’t understand what was happening to him or why he felt the way he did. He said quite a few comical things until finally he asked his dad…

Is this real life?

With all they have gone through and are going through, that is the Roberts current mantra.

Is this real life?

As Carrie sits in the waiting room this morning.  As Travis is back getting ready to go under anesthesia for his procedure to have the port put in…they are thinking….

Is this real life?

They try their best to have glimpses of real life.  The day after Thanksgiving Christmas tree decorating.  Their annual tradition to go see Santa last night.  “Race car no top”  rides.

But…those glimpses are amid doctor appointments.  Trips to Houston.  Sickness.  Surgeries.  Biopsies.  Chemo treatments.

Is this real life?

Today, Travis is having his port put in and a biopsy done on his liver.  The biopsy will be sent to Foundation One to ensure Travis is getting the best treatments for his genetic makeup.

His genetic makeup?

Is this real life?

It’s hard to keep spirits up…even during this holiday season.  When you are trying to navigate through normalcy for your kids while facing real life.

The new chemo starts on Tuesday.  And while Travis loves to see his chemo nurses…the thought of being on his third treatment regime for a cancer most people can’t pronounce…

Is this real life?

So prayers are needed.  Needed like never before.  First and foremost for Travis’ complete and total healing.  For the God sized miracle we talked about in the last post.  Second, for joy.  Our God is the creator of joy so he can certainly give it in spades to the Roberts.  And, finally, for the Roberts to settle into and be able to handle…

this real life.

10 responses to “Real Life

  • Michelle Casterline

    Prayers, prayers, and more prayers going out to Travis and the family!!! I can’t even imagine everything you’re going through. No words to say to make things better…just that you have one more person praying for you.

  • Robin

    Just want you to know that I think of and pray for the Roberts family every day.

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permenente

    Father, we thank You for the powerful God that You are. Even the winds and waves recognize the Creator and obey Your voice. Your Word is like a lighthouse that directs us safely toward heaven when the furious waves swirl about us and the water rises around us. Keep Travis, Carrie and their family firmly anchored in Your ways. Be with the doctors, nurses, and anyone that has to assist in this procedure this morning. And when it all over everything is going to be just fine. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    This is Maureen from CT. My Christmas wish is for your recovery! hopefully,great minds can come up with a genetic based treatment…like a vaccine??? You are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Every day!

  • Kay Pigg

    Praying for Blessings for Travis and Carrie that they can experience some of the joys of the season and settle down a bit to enjoy some of the normal things…in real life. Love to you all.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers of strength and healing will continue, each and every day. Thank you for the updates as there are so many praying for Travis and Carrie and the entire family. Sending love and best wishes…Lisa Sager

  • Anonymous

    Praying, praying, praying hard!!!

  • MissStaci (@swaddle24)

    My prayers to the Roberts in my quiet times and every time I pass their beautiful home, as I’m a neighbor. Prayers for healing and strength, and joy.

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas Guys, you are in ours prayers.
    The Kirbys

  • Anonymous

    Hope this New Year finds you feeling well .Prayers to you and your family!

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