Update from Carrie

Hi All, I just wanted to give everyone an update…

Trav is feeling so much better compared to a month ago. He has a little fatigue, anxiety, nausea… But, that is nothing in comparison to the trial. When I mention anxiety, it is because we will find out if this chemo is working in the next week. Yikes !!! Praying hard for that right now.

Dr Hamrick received Trav’s Foundation One tumor test results about a week ago. It wasn’t super exciting. There are a few tumors markers that Dr Hamrick aka Dr Rockstar is going to use to try to locate trials around the country. He truly is awesome and will do anything to fight for Trav.

We were actually really excited because we received a Christmas card from the Hamrick Family and our Docs wife wrote Trav a personal note. She told him how much Dr Hamrick talks about Trav and how much he cares about him. Β We can tell that is the case when we are in the office, but it was still so nice to hear.

January is a really busy month for us. Trav is going on the road with our North Western Mutual Representative, Matt Goodwin… and they are letting me tag along:). Travis and Matt deliver an extremely moving and pretty hilarious speech to the NWM reps about how important it is for them to be persistent with their clients and to believe in the work that they do. When life throws a horrible curve ball into a persons life it is important to be prepared. Basically NWM provides life ins, disability ins, financial planning… The reps that work for NWM have really tough jobs. They have to get people to listen to them and deal with things that most people don’t want to deal with. We all have time later to deal with that junk, right?

Travis was an ins major at UGA and it still took Matt Goodwin 5 months in 2005 to get Travis to sit down and listen to him. It actually took him years to get him to buy into disability insurance, which is really important when you own your own company. Anyway, we are really thankful for Matt Goodwin. He was persistent and we appreciate that now. Not to mention the fact that everything that he promised us about his company has come to be true.

Trav and Matt are speaking at NWM Annual meetings. Last week they were in Raleigh speaking in front of a few hundred NWM reps. This week they will be in Tampa speaking in front of a similar size group and the following week will be in front of a pretty big audience in Chicago. I think about 1,500. I could never in a million years do this, but I’m always proud when I watch. They get a ton of laughs during their speech (Trav honestly abused poor Matt over the years because he always saw Matt as someone that he didn’t have time for, UNTIL he was diagnosed with cancer. Matt gets to put some pretty good jabs in on Trav during the speech. It is really funny.) and then when they get to the “cancer story” section there is not a dry eye. They do the speech on stage together and go back and forth with their story. The reps that are watching are used to hearing the same old motivational sales speech so this real life story really means a lot. We are so thankful that Travis is healthy enough to share. It is exhausting yet therapeutic to share his story.

Lastly, I have mentioned my support group CC Wives in the past but I will remind you of who they are. There are 6 ladies whose husbands have or had Cholangiocarcinoma. We are all in our 30′ or 40’s, and we created a group on Facebook. One of the wives lost her husband a few days before Christmas and that was just horrible and sickening for all of us.

Another one of the wives, Dorien, had a really cool idea. She asked all of her Cholangio family to share our personal stories and she is allowing us to be guest writers on her blog. We can tell our stories in our own way. That way her blog readers are able to hear other voices of those who have the same cancer. Great idea! Today she featured the newest member of our group of 6, Becky. Becky’s husband was just diagnosed in November but his Cholangio is really messing with him. Cholangio can present itself in many ways. This blog post gives us a glimpse into a day in her life. Please take a moment to read it if you can.


Thank you to anyone who is reading our blog. We love you all and appreciate that you are still following our story. We will not quit praying for our miracle and we thank you all for praying too!!! This week you can specifically pray that this chemo is working. We will let you know! Through it all, God is Good!

11 responses to “Update from Carrie

  • Nancy Ginepri

    We won’t stop praying either. Trav is an inspiration to all of us!

  • Kay Pigg

    Yes, we are still following you and Travis…and praying for that big miracle. You should contact Alison when you are in Tampa. She is about 1hr20m from there. Perhaps you could meet up somewhere. ??

  • Judy Edmondson Smith

    Continuing to pray for Travis and your family. God is doing great things through you. He is always good.

  • Clay Matthews

    Thank you so much for taking your time to come to Raleigh and share your story with us. I really enjoyed going to the game with Matt and Travis and I am so grateful that God put you in my life. I am praying for all of you and your family is now in my heart and mind each day. My wife Hunter and our 2 boys are all praying and standing with you that this cancer will go. With the love of Jesus, Clay

  • Jordan Mansell

    Thank you for the update On Travis I cried a thousand tears for him to God and asked to heal him. This family doesn’t k ow me but I trust The Lord when He says ask and it shall be given Unto you!!!! Praise The Lord!!!! 1 Peter 2:24, we are healed by His stripes!!!

    Know this story through Carol A In my bible study group!!

    Praying for all these brave brave Brave people. Jesus loves U!! Your covered under His feathers!!

    Love Jordan πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Anonymous

    Dear Travis and Carrie,My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your loved ones! May you feel the love that surrounds you!!!

  • Georgia

    still praying! ❀

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only just come across your videos on YouTube after researching Bile Duct Cancer and where things are up to these days with treatment. I’m in Australia and sadly have been personally impacted by this terrible disease, losing Mum at age 61 – unfortunately there were no options for her, she passed away 2months after diagnosis. I am following your posts and wish you all the best in your continued treatment, may you all feel the strength and love from the many people who are praying for you at this time. Sending positive energy and wishes, Kate Corner/NSW Australia

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permenente

    To my favorite couple.

    Know that my prayers are always with you. I’ve never met such a loving and caring couple outside of my parents until I met the two of you. The love that you share reminds me so much of what my parents shared and what I dream of one day having. You two have truly been a blessing in my life. Travis, with his sense of humor and Carrie, with her loving and kind spirit have brought so much hope and joy into my life. When I felt like giving up Travis would always say something that makes me want to hold on and fight even harder. Travis, you are my inspiration, my brother, but most of all my friend. Carrie, you are the sweetest and you too are my sister and my friend. No we don’t know what the future holds, but what I do know is the right here and now which is the present. The gift that God has given us, the here and the now. Because of the two of you, I have grown more spiritual than I’ve ever been. I know that we all are going to have our share of storms in our lives and yes, I have had my share, but I continue to look above the clouds and the sun is still shinning and know that through it all God is still good. So with that being said, my prayer is not only for a healing for Travis, but also for the strengthen of our friendship.

    Father, our journey here below is extremely difficult without the friendships, prayers, and assistance of our brothers and sisters who share our precious faith. We thank you for those who sacrificially give of themselves to come alongside us; who walk with us in the ups and downs of this tempest life; who pray for us and help guide us when we can’t see what lies ahead. Their interest in our welfare and their continued presence brings reassurance that Your hand is extended to us through their kind and loving friendship. Help us to carefully nurture our friendships so that we build one another up and bring refreshing to our conversation and in our times of fellowship. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  • Anonymous

    Carrie and Travis,
    I was fortunate enough to be a member of the audience in your Chicago presentation. WOW!!! You had my attention the whole time! I have found myself thinking of you and your family Many times since then. The story is presented SO well, and it’s impact is lifelong for us!! Thank you so much for making that trip to share your story.
    You are in my prayers daily, and I really hope the miracle you need occurs!! I pray your boys will all have the luxury of knowing who their father is and that you both can ‘grow old’ together! Continuing to pray for your familly…….

  • Anonymous

    What a moving presentation Matt and Travis gave this morning in Atlanta. Thank you for being such an encouragement to young reps who need reminding that it does matter. Working mostly with business owners for over 30 years, Travis was so honest and real about what goes through their minds- until something happens.
    And thanks for the closing comments on how blessed Travis feels- a comment that can only come from someone who has encountered the living God. I will be praying for healing.

    Bob Rhyme

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