An idea born out of #travongameday.

Created by Joe, Travis’ brother-in-law, it simply represented the people surrounding Travis who love him and know him. Those who would fight for him in any way possible.  But what we have since learned is that #travsarmy is so much bigger. It goes beyond the inner circle of Travis’ family and closest friends.

It stretches beyond the company he founded… The friends he grew up in church with… The caretakers who have provided for him these last few months… Past the borders of our country onto England… reaching as far as Australia.

#travsarmy is global.

Below are prayers from this army. If you have been touched by Travis and his story, I encourage you to submit a prayer to kikiganz@gmail.com. It will be published on this “prayer wall” regardless of when you read this or send it.

But know, the prayers listed below do not represent even a fraction of #travsarmy. There are so many more prayer warriors reaching out to the Father on Travis’ behalf. Silently. In the calm of their time with the Father. In the peace of their inner voice.

This. Is just a sample of…


I do not know the family personally, but I am praying to a our mighty God on behalf of this family. I am claiming Exodus 14;14, “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” – Pam J.
Dear Lord Jesus, your Word says  that the prayer of a person is effective and powerful, but Matthew 18:19 says that when two or more gather, something extraordinary happens.  We come to you, BOLDLY, asking for complete healing and restoration of health to Travis.  We know that you are the ultimate Healer, Sweet Jesus, and we come to you seeking zero–zero cancer cells in his body, as well as peace, hope, and courage as they battle this disease.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. – Kelly

Lord, You tell us that “You are near to the brokenhearted and save those who are crushed in spirit”.  Surround the Roberts family with Yourself, encourage their hearts, and fill then with the hope and peace that comes from you and you alone.  We bless you, Lord, and ask for the miracle than only you can give. Amen – Bonnye W.

Our Father, I am praying for my dear friends, Travis and Carrie Roberts, and their three children. I am praying for strength, for them to continue this fight. For hope that the doctors find the right treatment for Trav. For Trav to remain comfortable throughout his fight. For You, our Lord, has the power to heal. We ask these things in Jesus name. Amen – Tracy S.

Lord, please look upon Travis with eyes of mercy. May your healing hand rest upon him and your life-giving powers flow into every cell of his body, cleansing, purifying, and restoring him to soundness of health for service in your kingdom. Please also give his family your comfort and grace and fill them with your faih and love. May God bless you all. – Donna

Dear Lord, I was blown away by the scriptures I read today in Philippians 2:25-30, about an obscure person, Epaphroditus, who “was sick to the point of death, but God had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me [Paul], lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.”  I immediately thought of Travis.  These scriptures encourage me to continue to pray for healing.  Thank You, Lord, that You are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Thank You for loving us and providing the scriptures to comfort us.  Help us not to be anxious for tomorrow but to turn our anxious thoughts into prayers so we may enjoy sweet fellowship with You and experience Your peace that passes understanding.  Please bless Carrie and Travis – wrap your arms around them and hold them close. – Beth M.

I don’t know you or your friends but I am praying as together so many are standing in the gap for them. And because. ….I believe in miracles. –Pam D.
I don’t even know Travis, but have been so inspired and captured by him and his family on this life-changing journey. I have cried and prayed for them. My prayer for them now is that they embrace “Give us this day, our daily bread.” It’s so hard for all of us to just enjoy the moment and not think about the future. Daily bread for today — it’s all that we all need. I am praying a miracle for his healing, but if that’s not in God’s plan, I pray for as much good, joyful time for their family as possible. – Debra L.
Travis, Carrie and family…I am praying for you constantly.  Even when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I read this verse today, and immediately thought of you all. Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Praying for strength and courage in the name of Jesus Christ. – Jodi R
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for all of the gifts You have given the Roberts family during these last few months – support of friends and family, strength, hope and time.  Please continue to give Carrie and Travis the strength the keep fighting, to keep going during the bad days.  Wrap Your loving comfit around them when the news is too much to bear.  Please give the Roberts children more time with their father through Your power of healing.  And above all, help us remember that Your plan is perfect and to remember to trust in You. In Jesus name we pray. – Jackie H

Dear Heavenly Father, Please Lord, lift this family up and guide their doctors to find the right treatment to cure Travis.  Take this families pain all away….from his wife, Carrie, to their children, and reaching to his friends….please take away the pain and let us celebrate the Great Physician. Let us celebrate Your healing powers as You use them on Travis, your son. Sweep Travis up and let that monster called cancer leave his body, forever more. Thank you Lord for always being there, and for always hearing us. Lord, you once spoke to me as I started my Cholangiocarcinoma Journey and said to me….”Do not be afraid, for I am right beside you.”  Please be beside Travis as he continues on this journey and let him feel the peace that you gave me, which has helped make this journey a little easier to walk. God BLESS the Robert’s Family!!Patty C.

Dear God, I humbly come to you on behalf of my dear friends Carrie, Travis and their 3 precious children.  Lord, you know their every need at this very moment.  I pray that you bless them in a way that leaves them in awe, Lord God.  God please give Carrie & Travis all the strength they need to love those children.  God please make Carrie strong and give her support to be the awesome mother and wife that she is. Gently remind her who she is is You. And Lord, I lift up Travis. YOU ARE THE GREAT PHYSICIAN.  You can do all things. Please heal Trav’s body and make him whole again.  You O Lord God can perform a miracle. Please God take away all doubt and replace it with comfort and peace in their minds. Let them know that they have so many people here that love them and support them. Please God, heal Travis. Please. I ask all this is His Holy Name. – Lori M.

2 Corinthians 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.   Always praying for Travis, Carrie, Trey, Piper and Jake! We love your beautiful family, and our hearts are breaking as you fight the toughest fight.  May God continue to wrap his arms around your family, and we pray that he will heal Travis. We love you all! ~Christine S.

When efforts, thoughts, and treatments seem futile…pray.  God we ask for your divine intervention and that you glorify yourself through Travis’ restoration and healing.  We know that you are Sovereign and in You we place our trust, this family, and their circumstances.  We pray for Your mercy and that You show off Your might!  Lord, bring them comfort and peace that can only come from You during this time.  God, you know our prayer.  I thank you for encouraging and inspiring me through this journey that the Roberts have so boldly taken even when doubt creeps in.  Lord, we ask for Your healing, trust in Your control, and plead for Your glory to be revealed.  Thank You for blessing all of us with knowing the Roberts. Amen. – Clay O.

Almighty and Everlasting God, the eternal salvation of those who believe in You, hear us on behalf of Your servants who are sick, for whom we humbly beg the help of your mercy, so that, being restored to health, they may render thanks to you in your Church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen – Mike M.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” John 10:10,11….. Thank you Jesus for your amazing Love for Travis, Carrie, and their amazing children in that you laid down your life so that your sheep can live life abundantly. Thank you for being our Good Shepherd. We love you. Pour out your amazing Spirit over the Robert’s family. Thank you that your name is all power and your name is above all names. We come to you in your name of Jehovah Rapha and command that this cancer leave Travis and go to the foot of the Cross. Thank you Jesus! – Clay M.

We pray everyday. We love Travis and Carrie like a brother and sister. I hope they can somehow find some peace during this horrible time. It takes so much courage to fight cancer on a daily basis. We love you. – Jason M.

I have been praying and will pray harder for the Roberts. May God grace them with his power to heal and save Travis. Amen – Mike S.

Heavenly Father and Great Physician, I sit here this morning searching for the words… the thoughts… the emotions. Anything that can awaken hope. Please revive hope for my friends Travis and Carrie. Please stay close to Travis. Please stay close to this who tell his story. Give us strength. Give us time. Father, we know your will, not ours, will be done. We trust in your promise of salvation and that all things work for your good. My prayer is that Travis can continue to be a living testimony to the glory that is found in YOU. Lord, there is great comfort in knowing that you are in control. Thank You. – Clint N.

God we come to you with our love for Travis and his family to comfort them through this difficult time. Thank you for the opportunity for Travis and I to meet this week and share our testimonies of your faithfulness. We continue our prayers in believing for a miracle and it will change meaning lives in a new relationship with you. Travis light shines no matter what he is going through so we ask to make him 100% to do your work and partner with Heaven hear on this earth. I pray over Travis and everyone that reads this that we continue to show our faith in you for this healing and will except whatever you decide. We love you Lord do it in your perfect timing in Jesus Name Amen! – Kendall M.

Praying for healing, sending you peace! – Karen W.

Father, I pray you healing hand be on, over and through Travis! My your peace overwhelm them. Comfort them in all outcomes. You are in control father and thank you for the blessing of time you have given them thus far, but father I pray for complete healing for your child! Guide the doctors, guide this family as they walk down this path! Lord, have mercy! Thanks be to God! – Anonymous

Our Father,  You alone can heal. You alone can take this wretched disease and separate it from Travis as far as east is from west. You know his heart. You know how he has testified in your name. Please give him time with his precious wife and children. I do not know this very special man but the love his many friends have for him speaks for his goodness. We do beg, Dear Father. We beg for you to give Travis more time on earth. But, if you choose to take him home, please give his family the strength they’ll need to continue to live without him. Give him the strength he’ll need to say goodbye. As your son prayed, God, we also pray to please let this cup pass, but in the end, your will be done. – Judy

I come humbly before You now asking for Your powerful healing that is able to transcend any and all obstacles on behalf of Travis and Carrie Roberts. I ask as Your word teaches us to ask, for Travis to be restored to good health. I pray that this weight on the Roberts’ shoulders that is bearing down smothering them be lifted. I pray that they feel, really feel, Your presence at this time. I pray that they know that the plans You have for them are plans to prosper not to harm, plans to give them hope and a future. I pray for Your divine intervention on this family and to heal Travis. I pray all these things in Your Holy Name El Roi.
Amen. – Rhonda

Lord, as your friend Lazarus lay ill, Others remarked to you that “The one you love is ill,” People said, “see His love for him.” Today, Lord Jesus, we pray for Travis because he – the one you love – is ill. We ask you to bring your healing and peace to him and his family. Amen. – Anonymous

I pray Hebrews 4:16, which tells us to come boldly before the throne of grace to find mercy and grace to help in our time of need. He needs you now, precious Jesus.  I pray Isaiah 53:5 for you, which tells us that by His stripes we are healed!  In Psalm 77:14 I pray that you would know and receive the word that says He is the God who displays miracles. Please display your power to Travis’ body God, for Your glory!  In Deuteronomy 7:15 I claim His words for your health; “The LORD will take away from you all your sickness.” I pray for that for you on this earth.  In Jeremiah 30:17 we are told that He will restore health onto you and take away all of your wounds. Please dear Father, I pray this for Travis!  We serve a God of miracles. He is in control and I pray that you feel  His peace and love right now. I pray that He heals you 100% on this earth. – Laurie

Dear Jesus, Please help Travis and Carrie and their family. I don’t know them personally but Travis graduated with my son from Wheeler high school. I have prayed, dear Jesus, ever since I heard about Travis. I trust you in all things and I pray that Travis  and Carrie have the strength to put their trust in You. Please cure Travis so that he might be a Dad to his kids and a husband to Carrie. I believe Travis’s presence here in this world will be such a blessing to so many people. He will be your presence in this world. Please please cure him. – Betsy

Dear Lord, We just humbly, yet boldly come before you. Humbly because we deserve nothing from you. Boldly because you gave us the right to be called your children, you told us to come, and you love us more than we could ever understand. We come humbly because in this world our brother has no hope (and in reality, none of us do, it is only time, which is nothing to you), yet boldly because in You, there is no lack of hope. Lord, we acknowledge your sovereignty and your prerogative to say “no” to our requests, but we will ask boldly because of your amazing love for Travis and your family and because we want to see the name of Jesus and the power of God through the Holy Spirit glorified. Lord, we acknowledge that you do still work in the affairs of men and that it does not matter how it “looks” to you. Lord, you are greater than any disease or life itself. Lord, if you were ever going to move specifically in power, it does not matter how it looks. In fact, from our perspective, You can receive more well-deserved praise now than if You used the doctors, so Lord, we ask that You would make Your name famous to every doctor, nurse, family member, fellow patient, acquaintance or person in the hall. We ask that you would heal our brother, not for him, not just for his family, but for Your name’s sake! Lord, we seek to honor you in all we do and it is in the most precious name of Jesus that we ask. – Mark

Dear Lord,  I am praying for what is seemingly a miracle…to please heal Travis’ body from cancer. Please save him Lord.  Please surround Travis and Carrie with your presence and give them the strength and courage to continue forward. – Stacey

The Wideman 5 are praying for the Roberts family.  Wrapping you in prayer, sending our love and holding firm in faith.  May God send his peace and understanding to all.  – The Wideman Family

3 responses to “#travsarmy

  • Doreen

    Father, you are and always have been–a merciful God and You’re the only awesome God.. We come to you on behalf of Trav and Care and their children. We thank you Father that you have already given us healing through Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus for believing Father and for obeying Father, and for carrying all our diseases and griefs and sorrows, so we will not have to. Because we know you’ve already prepared the answer to all our prayers, we come asking for total wholeness and healing in Trav’s body, and we come asking with thanksgiving for peace and hope and joy to flood their souls. We are open to receive. Bless them, bless them, bless them, Father. Our hands and hearts are open to receive. We rest in your love and mercy and goodness Daddy. Amen and Amen
    Kurt & Doreen

  • Beth Roberson, Roswell Presbyterian Church

    Dear God, We continue to pray for Travis and his family since giving him a prayer quilt in August. We are a group of ladies who make quilts with ribbons to be used to tie square knots in as we pray, a visual sign for all the prayers being prayed for Travis and by Travis. We pray that Travis and his family will lean back on Your everlasting arms and know that You are with them every step of the way.

    The Prayers and Squares group, a prayer quilt ministry
    Roswell Presbyterian Church, Roswell, Georgia

  • Tara Flaherty

    We are praying for you Travis along with your wife and beautiful children! I was so fortunate to hear your story at the Chicago NWM meeting and it deeply moved and forever changed me. I am not a NWM rep, but was invited by my husband… I ask myself why this meeting at this time? I truly believe by God’s Grace it was to hear your story… because I am a person that has to “do” something I want to share a natural treatment for advanced cancer that I have heard and learned about… Gerson Therapy. I am sure you have done extensive research and come across many things…Please know this only comes from my heart and knowing “miracles” come in all shapes and sizes. I have seen this Therapy work miracles and pray on my knees for the same thing for you and your family! God Bless you…

    Tara Flaherty

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