This month has shown us some of the toughest winter weather the Southeast has faced in a long time.  Record setting low temperatures and more than a week of school missed by children.  The month has been cold and long.

And sitting at the window, on the sidelines, is Travis.  Watching from the window as his children play in the snow.

Travis doesn’t do life from the sidelines…

But this new chemo has a couple of nasty side effects, one being an extreme reaction to cold temperatures.  So extreme, his hands cannot touch the granite countertops in his kitchen without pain shooting through his fingertips.

But Travis doesn’t do life from the sidelines…

And so…he bundled up. He endured the pain.  And he went for a walk with his family…in the snow.

The other nasty side effect from this chemo is a rash.  A painful rash that has covered his face…his scalp…his chest…his back…the inside of his mouth…  A rash so painful that prescription narcotics can’t seem to take the pain away.  He takes a pill and goes to bed.

But Travis doesn’t do life from the sidelines…

So he takes the meeting with the client.  He makes the business trip to Washington D.C. He picks up his friends to go to church.

He endures the pain as a part of the fight.

At what point does Travis throw the towel in?  At what point does he give up?  At what point does he start living life from the sidelines.

That just wouldn’t be Travis.  Travis doesn’t do life from the sidelines…

Despite the pain.  Despite the hair loss.  Despite the continual bad news.  Despite the hopelessness of this disease and everything else it has brought with it.  Travis continues to fight.

And for what?  Disappointing news after disappointing news has come since September.  Almost 6 full months of unsuccessful treatment.  Almost six full months of cancer winning.

But not this time.

For the first time in more than six months Travis has won a battle.

The new CA19-9 number is in…and it dropped.  Dropped by 30,000.

For the first time in six months…this chemo is working.

And so the pain…the rash…the hair loss…the fight has been worth it.

Because you can’t score from the sidelines.  And Travis just doesn’t do life from the sidelines.

23 responses to “Sidelines

  • Graham

    Great news. Great physician in control!

  • Anonymous


  • Friend of your cousin, Joy...

    I can’t imagine how hard this entire ordeal is on your family, but I am SO happy to hear that the CA #’s are down so much! The prayers will keep coming and, hopefully & faithfully, so will the healing! Hoping your family can feel the love and “virtual hugs” coming from all of us out here looking in ❤ Keep up the faith!!!

  • Kendall

    Its great to hear some good news! Praying that you will get some relief my friend.

  • Kay Pigg

    Such wonderful news! Go Travis Go…Fight Travis Fight, WIN Travis WIN!

  • Kimberly Taylor

    You are an inspiration to me daily Travis! Fight to continue watching your children and family grow. God is miraculous! Will continue praying for healing and strength for you and your beautiful family!!! Great news!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great news TR! For you and your family! Saw you in Atlanta at NM meeting and prayers ongoing for you and your family from Memphis ever since. Wish you the best and the strength to carry on for many years.

  • Jason Forster

    Travis – I am thinking of you and praying for you and the entire family. I miss our interesting conversations from when I was at Pavestone and want you to know I am here anytime for you and the family. I’m on staff at Decatur First United Methodist 404-378-4541
    Jason Forster

  • Anonymous

    May God continue to give you strength, courage and His love.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot express how truly happy I am for Travis and your family! We will keep praying for you!

  • Darlene Cokley, Kaiser Permanent

    Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. He’s a giving God. Travis you are great. Thank you for not throwing in the towel. Continue to put God first in your life, your lovely wife Carrie, and those beautiful children. I look forward to seeing you come in the office and when you don’t I try not to worry. I know some much is and will be happening in your life that sometime you need a break from our world (coming in the office). Whether you believe it or not you are a walking testimonal. You’ve been through more test then one can imagining. I love all of you and my prayers are with each and evereveryone of you. GOD IS GOOD IN EEVERYTHING HE DO. Keep going through this test, to share your testimonal. Without work faith is dead. I’m cheering loud, proud and clear, Travis is a fighter, Travis is a
    fighter, Travis is a fighter. Yeah. God is in the healing business. …Love you guys…..

  • joelmyrick

    I just fist pumped in the office as I read this post. Keep fighting. We will continue praying daily.

  • Jessica Castellano

    Wonderful News! You have changed the lives of so many in my family at Northwestern Mutual – me being one of them! You are very much an inspiration!

  • Susan Thomas

    I was so blessed to hear that the count has come down. Brad and I pray for you both on a regular basis. We are fighting for you in prayer and are so proud of how you have continued to trust the Lord and give Him glory. You both are a beautiful testimony of God’s love and grace. We rejoice with you over the latest news and will continue to uphold you and your children in prayer. You are a blessing and we love you. xo Susan and Brad

  • Anonymous

    Best news of the decade!!! You are going to beat this!! I will keep praying for you!

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permenente

    Let me start by saying God is good all the time. He may not come when we want Him, but He steps in right on time. Travis and Carrie, you don’t know how much you have changed my life. I use to hear the song” I am on the battle field for my Lord” as a child and didn’t really understand what it really meant until I stood fully in prayer with you on this battle field. Yes, I have had my own battles, but this one is different. This battle really put my faith to the test and God has not failed me yet. My connection with God has grown, I have learned to pray in a way that I never knew and see my prayers being transformed in the lives of those that I pray for even in my own life. God’s words have enlighten me with wisdom, insight, and hope, even when I cannot see where I am going or how things will turn out. I’m so glad that God knows the right direction. I’m glad that I was there to stand with you and Kelvin as I chose to follow Christ lead in my life. Although, Travis doesn’t do life from the sidelines…it’s ok to be on the sidelines, as long as you don’t give up. You see the cheerleaders are on the sidelines cheering for a VICTORY (these are your prayer warriors), we won’t give up, nor will we give in.You are a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy. So you (Travis) keep fighting, as we keep praying until your VICTORY is won. You are my inspiration and I love you!

  • Debbie

    Wow! That’s so encouraging! Thankful for your good news and prayers for continued progress. Travis is an inspiration to stay in the game. God bless!

  • Georgia

    Woohoo. Continuing to join our faith with yours

  • Debbie Neel

    I rarely comment or let you know how much we care for you & for your success in this battle- but I do continue to pray. We are so excited of this news for you and the entire family.

  • Anonymous

    Go Travis, Go! That is just awesome news. I and so many others contiune to pray that as you honor your committments to God that he will continue to honor His to you. I know He wants only the best for you and for your family. “Just keep swimming”!

  • George Doome

    The fact that your numbers are down is encouraging.. You are an inspiration to thousands!

  • Ian Richardson

    That is just awesome. God is good. I love the way you continue in this epic battle and through it all love God and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your story at our Northwestern Mutual conference, I just watched it again today. Your courage fills me, your love is magnificent and your smile is all I need. I am so proud of you and will continue to pray for you and your family. Much love.

  • Gwen

    Travis and Carrie, I have been so touched by your story. As an employee of NM, I was able to view the video of Travis’ story given to NM Reps. I am praying for your family. I just wanted to share a song that may give you peace as you keep your eyes on Jesus. it’s titled “We Adore You” by TIm Janis: . May God bless your precious family and grant you HIS peace.

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