Sharing A Blog on a Blog

I wanted to share my friends blog today because she posted our story on her blog. I have talked about Dorien Nielson before. Her amazing husband Kyle has Cholangio. They are a young couple like Trav and I with 4 kids. I mean young for a cancer couple, haha! I don’t really feel young at all and I doubt Dorien does either:). Anyway, they are walking along side of us and they have been a huge support. We love them dearly.

This blog post will show you a snapshot of our cancer journey. I wrote the post for Dorien about a month or so ago. We are actually into our 4th line of treatment now. When I wrote this we were on our third.

Trav and I continue to feel blessed by God for walking with us through this journey. As you will read
it is not easy, but it is a blessing.

2 responses to “Sharing A Blog on a Blog

  • Kathy Thomas

    Carrie, my name is Kathy Thomas. I am Mike McGowan’s sister and Ryan’s step aunt (or something like that(. I first heard about Travis at Ryan’s wedding. I made sure that I spoke to Travis that day because at the time I had just finished 2 years of chemo and surgery for stage 3 ovarian cancer. It felt so wonderful to be an encourager instead of the one being encouraged. And Travis seemed to find some comfort from my story. I am a strong believer and read every single blog. I have prayed every day for your family and I am still praying and standing strong for a miracle. But I want to tell you one little story and then get the the real point of this post. I had a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer the same time I was diagnosed. A year later after a mighty battle she was dead and I was asked to speak at her funeral. How could it be that she did not get her miracle and yet I did? Why? Why?

    I can’t remember how I addressed that issue when I spoke…God gave me the words – but my conclusion was this. On this side of heaven we will never know or understand. However, it certainly does not have anything to do with how many people where praying for us. Nor whose Care Page was the best. Nor did it have anything to do with what was spoken in those prayers or how faithfully anyone prayed. It was simply the Will of a Great God whose ways are not our ways. And that is the point you made in your blog about TRUST. and that is the reason I am writing to you.

    Carrie, that was the most awesome blog I think I have ever read. I have it saved on my desk top so I can get to it quickly. I shared it with a friend who was going through hard times and she is now taking it to a family member who needs to read it.. Then I read it to all the dancers (32 of them) that are a part of my Christian Dance Company (Praise In Motion). It was our devotion that evening. I stand in awe of how sweetly and clearing you took away the burden of faith and “performance anxiety” we all experience when we are looking into the darkness and feel it is up to us to do things right while everything is going wrong. The only thing you need to know is God and the only thing you can do is TRUST HIM.

    I am not nearly the wonderful writer you are Carrie, but I do hope and pray that it helps you in some small way to know that what you have shared in your journey has made a difference in others lives. You and Travis are both heroes for God. I know that you are the apple of His eye and I trust that He will keep you in the palm of His hand whatever may come.

    Trusting in Him,

    Kathy Thomas
    Director of
    En Pointe School of Dance
    & Praise In Motion Dance Ministry

    • Carrie Roberts

      I am beyond honored by this comment! Thank you so much. I’m so glad that you are doing well. I am also so glad that you understood where I was coming from in my post and that it meant so much to you. Love in Christ!

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