Road Trip to a Trial

149 miles left to DC. Soon we will reach our next destination on this cancer journey. This is a tough one. It’s tough because we have long periods of time that we have to be away from our kids. And it is tough because the procedures that Trav will be going through are serious and scary.

I keep thinking about the fact that Trav will be having a liver resection on Friday. That leads my thoughts to all of the doctors comments in the past year about why we should not do surgery. They have told us that surgeries lower the immune system and while the immune system is down the cancer could be going crazy. They have talked about something called seeding. Seeding means that when they pull the tumor out, microscopic bits of cancer sprinkle out and then seed themselves into other areas of the body. Hmmmm! No PLEASE!!!!

You see, it doesn’t matter what the risks are… This is what we have been given. We are grateful. The risks just give us more to pray about.

It was very hard to leave our sweet little ones. Trey (6), asked if these doctors have medicine that will make daddy better forever. Pippi (4), asked if mommy is taking daddy to a doctor that will make daddy’s chemo go away forever. (For some reason Pippi always talks about the chemo) We left them with only thoughts of hope and love. We talk openly with them, but we do not say things that cause unnecessary fear in their little hearts. Please pray for them while we are away. They are well cared for and loved.

Please pray for us while we are away. I bought Easter baskets and Easter outfits before we left, but will not be able to dress them or hide the baskets. Hurts the heart! Please kiss and hug my babies if you see them.

We check into the hospital tomorrow morning at 830. Trav will have 2 days of tests. Then the liver surgery is on Friday.

As I promised either Kristina or I will blog often. I want to have this process documented for y’all and for us!!!

Love and Hugs!

21 responses to “Road Trip to a Trial

  • shelli tanner

    Carrie, I pray for ALL of you often. It seems I can’t ever stop the tears when I read the blogs. It takes me back to our younger days of playing and not a care in the world, except church, and I just can’t seem to grasp how innocent we were and growing up seemed so important, only growing up brings so much pain and heartache. I will continue to pray for you and your family. BTW, I just bought a new pair of cancer kicks…I will upload a pic soon.

  • Kay Pigg

    Many, many prayers are with you and Travis at this scary time. Prayers for a BIG miracle!

  • Anonymous

    Been praying and praying!!! I am expectant! Hugs to you both!

  • Cheri Urie

    You guys have been such an inspiration to us as you have allowed us to share in your journey. We will continue to pray daily for a massive miracle and for a peace that surpasses all understanding for what lies ahead. May God heap blessings upon blessings upon your dear sweet family.

  • Kelli

    We will continue praying for you both and for your family!!!
    Love, Kelli Carlson and family

  • sims hill

    think about you and your family think about you and your family often. very powerful message travis shared with us in atlanta in april. will pray for healing and cure while in DC

  • Alison Cady

    Been praying for you guys a lot and wondering how you were doing. Good luck with the surgery on Friday.

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permenente

    Our Father in Heaven, we thank Thee for our lives and our health. We love Thee Father and we love Travis and Carrie. We are grateful they are in our lives.

    We are offering a prayer before the test so that Travis and Carrie may feel Thy love and our love. And Father, please bless them to be comforted and free from worry or stress at this time.

    We are grateful for the skilled medical staff that are all around them now. We ask Thee to bless the staff that will attend to Travis that they will be inspired by Thee, that their skills be made strong, hands be made steady and sure and that the testing will go smoothly and be a success. Please send angels and Thy love. We invite Thee to attend and direct the testing.

    We thank thee for all Thou has given us, and ask for a special blessing for Ali, Trey, Piper, and Jake that they feel the present of their parents love through those that will care for them while their parents are away. Bring a peace to Carrie, so that she will know that everything is going to be alright.

    This is our prayer. All of this we ask for; if it be Thy will, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

    I love you guys. Praying daily.
    PS: Feel free to call me anytime if you want to talk, pray, or just need someone to listen. I am here for you.

  • Rhonda Cochran

    Thank you for the updates. I pray for this trial to heal Travis wholly and completely of his cancer. I pray boldly in our Saviors name. I pray for the surgery on “Good Friday” to go well. I pray for Carrie to have peace and comfort as she waits for Travis’ trial to begin and as she is away from their babies. Jesus conquered the grave and I pray Travis conquers this cancer. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    Praying for your peace, comfort, and that God will feel extra close during this unbelievably difficult time. May God give Travis a speedy recovery and an unexplainable positive result with this surgery!

  • Linda

    Prayers for your sweet babies, for the surgery to work and not spread, for the cancer to be removed from Travis and strength for Carrie as you walk this road with your best friend and for peace that only Jesus can give!

  • Anne

    Continuing to pray for complete healing – for skilled surgeons – for your entire family to experience amazing grace and peace as you walk down this yet another path – for each of you to feel your loving Father’s presence, moment by moment Anne.

  • Eddie Caldwell

    Praying for all of your family. I am reminded that Easter is THE reason we Christians have hope in every circumstance – since Jesus has already overcome death we can trust him for everything, including our very lives. Friday will be a tough day with the surgery, but Sunday is coming! The resurrection changes everything!

  • Heather Jordan

    Praying for all of you on this next step of your adventure. Praying for your sweet children & for complete healing for Travis!! Also, praying for you…the caretaker…such a difficult job, but I know you are more than happy to serve! Praying for strength, peace and God’s healing touch!

  • Charlotte Springthorpe

    Thanks for the update Carrie – have been thinking about you guys! Love and prayers to you – for your little ones being away from you, for you and Travis to handle being away from them and for God to please let this new procedure to be the right one – one that Travis could recover from the surgery and begin healing and go home with you. Prayers that this new amazing procedure works for Travis as it did for others. Hugs

  • Micky James

    Praying for a continued miracle and for much peace and strength in the difficult days ahead. God is in control and may you feel HIs presence in a mighty way!

  • Judith Cripps

    Your ECS family continues to hem you in with prayer.

  • Joan

    My cancer road has been so easy relative to Trav’s that it’s almost embarrassing but want to share that my liver resection part went well when the primary was removed and small bowel resected (due to being emeshed in the blood supply) How I pray for Travis’ and of course all of you. I felt God’s presence, I want to say tangibly, as I recovered in my hospital bed and then at home and still do 3 years later and I know you’re in His loving, omnipotent hands! Joan (Adam Johnson’s mom-in-law)

  • Anonymous

    Prayers of safe travel, positive results and speedy healing. We will check in with Ali to see if she needs anything and your ECS family wiill give many hugs.

  • Kate McCusker Breslin

    Travis and Carrie, it’s probably been 15 years since we’ve seen each other, but even across all of those years, my thoughts and hopes are with you and your family. Hang in there. Here’s to a great outcome on Friday.

  • Erica

    Praying hard! Have peace and know your sweet babies will be just fine and God is keeping them occupied with his love and happiness.

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