Good Friday

I heard a friend recently say that Easter is like the Superbowl for Christians.  Perfect comparison.  Christmas is fun.  Important.  But Easter….Easter is the foundation of our faith.  It’s what sets us apart from every other religion out there.  And you can’t have Easter without…Good Friday.

All morning #TravsArmy has been approaching God’s throne, in unison, asking God for His grace, mercy, provision, and healing.

Isn’t that what Good Friday is all about on a much larger scale?

This morning I thanked God.  I found comfort, not coincidence, that Travis’ surgery fell on Good Friday.  365 days in a year and his surgery landed on Good Friday.  A day that represents God’s love, grace, provision, mercy…and healing.

As Carrie reported last night, Travis hates needles.  He yells.  Literally. As they insert an IV, Travis yells at the top of his lungs and typically draws a crowd of nurses and doctors to see what is going on.

Leave it to Travis to pull some giggles and smiles in the bleakest of moments.

This surgery day began with the poking and prodding you would expect before a major surgery. Unfortunately, for Travis, the epidural gave them trouble and they had to do it multiple times.

Carrie was not allowed in there for the epidural but I would be willing to bet a crowd was drawn.

Carrie was able to see him after the epidural, before being brought back for surgery. He was in good spirits and, as always, brought smiles to faces.  He was brought back at 9:15 for surgery.

Around 11:00, Carrie got the call that he was doing well and they had about an hour of surgery left.  The family headed back to the waiting room.

Less than an hour later the doctor came out and said that Travis did great.  They were able to get both tumors they wanted without any issue and Travis would be headed to ICU soon.

When he woke up he was in severe pain but they were quick to give him what he needed to get him comfortable.  Carrie was able to see him and said he was very groggy but good.  As of 1:30 pm, he is resting comfortably.

The prayer now is that Travis will heal in record time from the surgery so they can get back to those babies.  That no infection or complications set in.  And, of course, that the surgeons got what they needed to create the cells to fight the cancer.

God knows how all this will turn out.  He has Travis in His hands and has had this path in His hands all year.   This year, He has given us two reasons to be grateful on this…

Good Friday.

8 responses to “Good Friday

  • Charlotte Springthorpe

    Thank you for update! What a wonderful Good Friday! I hope his fever went away before surgery. Sending prayers and hugs!!

  • Ian Richardson

    Love you guys.

  • Mr. Charlie CFA

    God is with Travis and Carrie and believe He will respond positively. My prayers continue .

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permenente

    Yet still he rise. God is so good and He’s still in control. There is so much power in the name of Jesus. I know that everything is going to be alright.
    Thanks for the Good News!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    Today is one of those days when “to pray without ceasing” became a reality – not just a Bible verse. May you be strengthened and encouraged by the hundreds (probably thousands) of prayers that have been lifted up to the throne of grace on your behalf. . .and our risen Lord hears each and every prayer. May your entire family feel wrapped in His amazing love as you continue this journey.

  • Pam Wiedmeyer

    Trusting that God hears our prayers and heals Travis. Praying for you all on this Good Friday and each day forward!

  • Doreen

    GOD WANTS YOU WELL. He paid dearly for your healing:
    When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed. And Jesus cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, 17 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “ He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.” Matt. 8:16
    We love you.

  • Anonymous

    Travis and Carrie, your courage, faith, and determination inspires thousands. Praying and on my knees every day to ask GOD for his power and special blessing for a successful surgery and total healing

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