Back to the NIH

We are headed back to DC for a short trip. Our heads are not as high as they once were and our feet are dragging a bit. We are tired. Let’s say exhausted.

Recovering from this surgery was no fun. Trav the rock star was taken down on this one. Lots of sleep and about 10-15 pound weight loss.

My heart has been breaking lately watching him as he rests. Knowing that he wants to be up with the family. Sharing time with the kids. Trav was such a trouper and went to Treys fields day the other morning even though he was feeling so sick. Trey was SO proud to having his daddy there even though Daddy had to sit on the class cooler much of the time.

We don’t really know why he is sick. Cancer? Surgery? Both?

Tomorrow Trav will have a 5 hour blood draw and blood will be put back into him. They are stripping out white blood cells for 5 hours. He is dreading this so much. I will let y’all know what time he is doing this tomorrow so you can think about and pray for him.

We are so anxious to hear what the docs have to tell us. We have no clue what our future holds. We will let y’all know as soon as he hear.

Leaving the babes again… This time it’s just 3 days. Be back Wednesday!

Love and Hugs to #Travs Army!

13 responses to “Back to the NIH

  • Graham

    Pray for travis every night with my son

  • Stephanie Williams

    Our prayers are with you!

  • Tina

    I go to church with Carrie’s cousin, Joy. I have been following Carrie & Travis’ journey from almost the beginning. I just read today’s post and the word I received this morning seemed perfect for you both today, so I had to share. I know you must be exhausted, but please know that so many are praying and lifting your family up. May you be able to follow His words and just “be still” and let our Lord Jesus fight for you now… “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still” (Exodus 14:14 NIV)

  • Stacey Norwood

    Love you guys. Praying now and do every day.

  • Debbie South it

    We will constantly pray and hold you in our hearts!!!!

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  • Elaine Miles

    Godspeed! Praying for Travis and family.

  • Lee Green

    Precious ones, you are loved so much by our Father and many, many friends and loved ones who are holding you up in prayer.

  • rhonda

    You are always in our hearts. We love you both so much!

  • Kate Corner

    You are in my thoughts – positive vibes coming your way from Australlia – Kate xo

  • Doreen

    We love you so much. Let the meditations of your heart be on Jesus. Picture Him carrying all your sin, grief, sorrow, and pain, and disease upon Himself. Continue to pray for healing to manifest in your soul and body.

  • Kay Pigg

    The Army is praying…for that miracle.

  • Susan Hynes

    I have never met Travis. I saw Jenni Ginepri post about him before and I have been following your posts for a year now. Your family has touched my heart and I am amazed at your collective strength. I know I will tear up each time I read a new post (joyful tears or sad tears, I never know which), but I keep looking for the miracle everyone is praying for. Continued prayers for Travis, his family, his friends and all of those your story has touched. God Bless you all!

  • Melissa

    I have never met you guys, but sending up prayers for your entire family and most of all for Strenth for Travis. You have all been such champions and touched so many hearts, thank you so much for allowing us to share your journey and pray for you along the way. Blessings and love to all of you. God bless each and every one of you. Your Army is strong!! And God is so good and I know he is walking this journey with you daily.

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