Want a Little Good News?

The Cardiologist gave Trav an A on his heart function test today!

That means one thing fell in our favor. We still have a long road ahead to get to the trial but that gets us one step closer.

Thank you Jesus!!!

Also, a specialty wound nurse came in today and hooked up a tiny vacuum to Travs hole in his belly. It sucks up the fluid that is leaking instead of constantly soaking bandages, shirts, sheets… Not only that but it will keep his insides dryer which will help the wound heal faster. I can’t remember if we explained that a stitch popped open on Travs insides when he had a coughing fit. That is what caused the leakage.

The vacuum actually drives Trav crazy, but it’s a means to an end and he understands that.

That’s about all that we know right now. We aren’t sure when we go home? If we will go home? If we get a trial?

We spent a lot of time praying today. Especially praying for peace and patience. We are both struggling mentally and emotionally, but we are both Trusting in His plan.

As always, we love you #TravsArmy!

Love and Hugs~

5 responses to “Want a Little Good News?

  • Nancy Rikard

    Love you guys!! We are praying constantly for you.

  • Sarah Kirkland

    Thankful to hear the Heart test went great! Praying for more good news from the doctors. Praying for you specifically as well for peace, comfort, exhaustion and anxiousness as you wait. Praying for your precious children too!

  • Felicia Conwell, Kaiser Permenente

    Praise God from whom all blessing flow. So grateful for the good news, but I am still standing in prayer with you and meditating on His word.

    Heavenly Father,

    Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Your Word teaches me wisdom and fills me with newness of life. As I come to you today, I bring not only my needs but the needs of my friends Travis and Carrie to You. Help us to lay down all our problems at Your feet. Help us to lay down all our tangled thoughts and restless emotions. Lord, we are seeking Your peace and your patience. We want to learn to wait patiently for You to bring your answers to our prayers. We want to cooperate with Your plans for us. Thank you, for assuring us that your plans for us are good. We are all waiting on God for something. We need endurance while we wait. As we wait on You, we will continue to turn to Your Word for comfort and direction. Your Word is solid and reliable.Your Word steadies us. Your Word brings us truth. Your Word gives us strength. Your Word chases away our worry and our fears. Your Word refreshes us.

    Thank you, for Your Word.


    Sending prayers with much love!!!!!!

  • April Suminski

    On this day, as a Northwestern Mutual employee working in the corporate office and not in the field – your story was once again shared with our department/division. I know I am a strong believer in this company and am so happy to continue to hear how the company has helped the family with financial security and kept friendship. I am also a strong believer in our almighty God above. He created us, knows every inch of us, knows every grain of sand – in this I know his plan is what everyone of you is following. I will continue to pray God’ will for your family. I will continue to pray for healing, continued strength and peace. Whatever the path – I know you will all be safe in God’s loving hands.

    With all the love a mother’s heart can give,


    The Suminski Family

  • Anonymous

    I continue to pray and love to read these updates. I can’t imagine how, what, and who is getting you both through this other than God. You have given me a new perspective of what fight, faith, and love looks like. Only the best to both of you Travis and Carrie and your beautiful kids!

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