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I wrote a couple of times about Disney in the past. But it was a different kind of Disney…not one anyone would ever want to visit.

But this time is different.

This time I write about the real Disney…the Disney where everyone has a magical day.

This is the Disney of laughter, joy and happiness.  This is the Disney where childrens’ giggles drown out grief… if even only for a moment.

Despite Carrie’s grief.  Despite an extremely tough 60 days. Despite it being hard to get out of bed some days…let alone make it through the day without tears…along with her brother Joe (Unk) and parents (Mimi and Papa) she packed up her’s and Travis’ three precious babies and set off…for Disney World.


Because that is exactly what Travis would have wanted…

Travis was the king of fun.  He loved to have fun.  He made a game of everything.  He loved amusement parks and he loved rides…especially roller coasters.

And so what better way to grieve him?  To celebrate him?

Than to bring his kids to Disney World. 

Some moments have been tough…like walking up to the Dueling Dragons in Universal…a ride he rode more than 20 times in a single visit just eleven years earlier.  Tears came. But they were warm tears.  Warm tears filled with happy memories.  And as those warm tears flowed, Carrie, her brother and father boldly walked right up to that roller coaster and rode it.  Twice.

To honor Trav.

The grief is encompassing at times but life is going on.  Sometimes the thought of that…the thought of life going on without Travis is insufferable.  But the truth is…it simply is.

And so Carrie is doing her best to honor her true love.  To raise his children in a way that would make him proud. To ensure that, despite their grief, they have fun.

Because that’s what Travis would have wanted.

One of my favorite “Travis stories” was told to me by Joe not too long ago.  In the last week of his life, Joe came to visit Trav in ICU before he was brought home for hospice. It was a devastating time for all.  Everyone was hoping he could hold on a little longer to make it to the trial.  The realization had sunk in that was not going to happen.  The room was solemn.  The only sound was the machines forcing the oxygen into Travis’ lungs to extend his life just a bit longer. Joe sat at Trav’s bedside choking back tears.  As he watched his brother-in-law…his best friend…labor for breaths in the quietness of the room he swallowed the lump in his throat and managed to get out…

Trav.  Is there anything you want me to tell the kids?

Trav’s eyes opened.  He gathered his thoughts, and his breaths, and between those labored breaths he said…

Tell them they would have had more fun with me…

Well Trav. I think they’re doing the best they can to give that statement a run for its money. Hope you are proud.