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I Meant To….

For those of us who live in Georgia, another school year is in the history books. As I think back over the school year things come to mind that I meant to do.

Surprise that teacher with a Starbucks card…just because…ooh…I meant to.

Welcome the new principal with a huge bouquet of flowers…ooh…I meant to.

Send in thank you notes for doing I job I could NEVER do…ooh…I meant to.

Pack my kid a lunch every day. Ooh… I meant to.

Ok.  So that last one is a joke.  Sort of.

The point is we all have the best of intentions.  But life is busy.  And time moves fast. And our schedules are jam packed.

And so we often find ourselves saying…

Ooooohhh…I meant to.

We are now 3 days out from the First Annual Travis Lee Roberts Memorial Golf Tournament benefiting CancerKicks, Inc. and to say it is a success would be an understatement.  Hemma Concrete, the company Travis started, has stepped up like nobody could have imagined and in doing so they have inspired their vendors and clients to do the same.

And they have.

It’s been inspiring. But there is one area where we are surprisingly lacking and that is donations coming in from this blog. And we couldn’t figure out why.  And then it hit me.

Because life gets in the way. 

Because time moves fast, schedules are jam packed and we have the best of intentions but end up saying…

Ooooohhh…I meant to.

So if you meant to…I have great news.

It’s not too late.

There are multiple donation amounts to fit all budgets and every  donation helps.  One option is the #chopthemanbun donation of $25.  Travis’ brother-in-law Joe has been growing his hair since December 2013 to donate to Locks of Love in honor of Travis.  If enough money is raised then he will do it at the tournament.

This is just one of the options you will find by visiting the Golf Tournament Webpage:

The only way we ever have a chance to stop horrible cancers like Cholangiocarcinoma from stealing loved ones too soon is by raising money for organizations like CancerKicks, Inc.  I can’t imagine there’s a single person who doesn’t want to do that. It’s probably just that….

We meant to.

CancerKicks is a registered 501(c)(3). Contributions to CancerKicks may be tax deductible. Please consult a tax professional regarding the deduction of your gift. 

Lets Blow This Wide Open

Attention #TravsArmy:

We are less than 25 days away from the first annual Travis Lee Roberts Memorial Golf Tournament.

The exciting news is that we have almost reached our max number of golfers and we are right under our monetary goal for the tournament.

But here is the truth!! Trav never met goals.

So… in effort to honor Trav lets do the same with this golf tournament.

You can still donate to the tournament in many ways.

There are a few golfer spots left!!! Sign up quick if you want to play.

You can sign up as a #BoomPlayer Ghost Golfer for $75. Your name will be assigned to a foursome even though you won’t be there in person.

You can pay $50 and attend the awards ceremony lunch and participate in the raffle.

You can sponsor a hole on the sponsorship page or participate in any of the other sponsorships available.

My brother Joe Pettit has been growing his hair out for a cancer wig donation FOREVER!!! He is most likely going to be able to #chophismanbun at the tournament. We offer a $50 donation to support the #chopthemanbun fund which of course goes to Cancer Kicks. This will be a great way for the Young Republicans to support Cancer Kicks and support the efforts in getting your friend a decent hair cut:)!

Or you can just DONATE to the golf tournament which goes directly to Cancer Kicks.

We are beyond excited about this event and we are SO very appreciative of the awesome support thus far!!!

I am attaching the link to the Cancer Kicks web site and the site to the golf tournament.

Please log on and donate today!!!


PS – Trav and I had/have the best support ever! THANK YOU!!!!

#cancekicks #kickinrarecancers #letsdothis