One year. To the day.

For the most part it has felt like ten years. Not one.

Ten agonizing years of walking through the rawest grief imaginable.

There’s a verse in the Bible that says “God works all things for the good of those who love Him.”

A year ago that did not seem possible.

I remember crying out to Him this very day last year… “How? What? What good could possibly come out of this?”

And yet… Here I stand a year later amazed at the good that has come from it. In awe of how things can change and the beautiful mosaic God can create from the shattered fragments that we were left picking up just one year ago.

You see…from the ashes of this tragedy a hero has emerged.


While I recognize that I am slightly partial since we have been best friends for several years I am still humbled watching my friend not only navigate the deep waters of grief but also guide her children through them.

Step. By. Step.

Amazingly she has gracefully walked an amazing balance of honoring their father, constantly reminding them of him and his legacy, while also teaching them it’s not only okay to move on… it’s necessary.

Moving on can be a scary thing. With that can come feelings of guilt and betrayal. Like you are somehow not honoring the person if you choose to move on with life.

That’s an easy place to get stuck.

And that is where Carrie has amazed me. Somehow, miraculously, in the first year of her grief Carrie realized that betrayal only comes from not moving on.

And so they move on…

Trey who is now seven… Five-year-old Pippi… And sweet little Jake who is only four and still the baby.

They laugh. They love. They live normal lives…as if there is such a thing. And every night before bed, they say their prayers, and pray that daddy is having fun in heaven. And, if those in heaven can see us here on earth, I have little doubt that Travis, now made perfect by his Savior, is smiling down as they are tucked into bed by their mom…

a hero.

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