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Cliffhangers.  Like you…I have mixed feelings about cliffhangers.  Sure.  They are exciting. They get your blood pumping.  They can even overwhelm you.  But they are also, well…annoying.

When your favorite show ends the season with your jaw on the floor going “but…” “wait…”  “how?”  “how did he?!?!”  “How is she!?!?”  “I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER?!?!?!?!?”

Like I said…they can be annoying.

This experience is feeling more and more like a movie.  No surprise there.  Travis’ life does seem to play out like a movie.  How many of you feel like the waiting for the CA19-9 every two weeks is kind of like a…cliffhanger?

And so…another two weeks has passed.  And the results are in.  Like a season premiere.  Will it be what we hoped for?  Will it be a let down?

Let’s let you decide….

  • 05/15 – 161,000
  • 05/29 – 135,000
  • 06/12 – 57,000
  • 06/26 – 19,500



Another 55% decrease.  A 95% decrease overall.

A cliffhanger well worth the wait.

Some of you have said the last video was also a…cliffhanger.

“When’s the next segment?”  “Why haven’t you guys updated the blog!?!?”  “FINISH THE SERIES!!!!”

We actually didn’t mean to leave you with a cliffhanger.  We had every intention of posting within a day or two.

But we have been busy.

I don’t mean “normal life” busy.  All of us have that.  I mean


Something exciting.  A silver lining in this gloomy cloud of Travis’ cholangio.  Something BIG.  Bigger than any of us.

But.  We aren’t ready to reveal it yet.  So while we are ready to reveal the follow up to the last video. Regarding our plans…our work…our BIG thing…we just have to leave you with…

a cliffhanger.

Interview 5 of 6

In segment five of this six part series Travis discusses the chemo game. We encourage you to watch the first four clips if you have not already – Not Your Typical Cancer PatientThe DiscoveryA Death Sentence, and Finding Love…and God.